LANY  Tour Diary: pt 1


Cristine Enero 

max watt's• melbourne, au • 7.20.17 

Hi I'm Cristine, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Melbourne. I found out about LANY on twitter. I was scrolling down my twitter feed when I saw a tweet about a 30 day song challenge. It says A SONG THAT MAKES YOU FALL IN LOVE and the person's answer was ILYSB by LANY. I immediately became curious then because I've been reading tweets and posts about LANY already but haven't really heard their songs yet. So I went to spotify and looked for LANY, I played the ILYSB and YUP! It really makes you fall in love! I just suddenly found myself wanting more of LANY and their music. Since then, I downloaded all their songs on spotify and I've been listening to them every single day. My favourite songs would be ILYSB, Good Girls, Super Far, Made In Hollywood and Hericane.

Okay, so these are the photos I took during their concert here in Melbourne. It was my first time seeing them and I was beyond excited! I was initially going alone but thank God because I saw this fan's post on the facebook event page, her name is Greta, and she's looking for people to come together with during the concert because she's going alone as well, so I messaged her straight away. She's so nice and friendly. I'm amazed how LANY can bring complete strangers together and become instant friends! I mean, that's how an artist should be. LANY's doing wonderful!!! And by the way, Greta was one of the luckiest fans who won a meet and greet with LANY + merch that night, I was jealous of course but also genuinely happy for her (in the photo of us, she's the girl at the front row with pearl earrings).

We came to the venue early so we were so lucky to be at the front, imagine how happy and how fast my heart was beating at that time. I was so hyped and it was one of the best days of my life! The energy and the ambiance was truly magnificent. Every one was having fun and screaming at the top of their lungs to every song. I think the thing that ONLY happens at a LANY show is having a shirtless drummer!!! Paul kept on saying we were beautiful that night and I kept on yelling "you are more beautiful!!" everytime he said that because duh! It's the truth. He's so precious. ♡


Liz Ross 

the metro theatre • sydney, AU • 7.22.17


Sofia Kolesi  

the metro theatre • sydney, AU • 7.22.17

The show at the Metro Theatre was the second time I have seen LANY play live in Sydney, and they did NOT disappoint. It's not often I say a band sounds infinitely better live than on record, but LANY have a way of making you feel their vibe and story as they pour out on stage that which a recording device could not possibly capture. My friend and I have vowed to try and get to every future Sydney show they have.. which was a comical goal when we met a lovely Melbournian girl in the line outside, waiting to get inside the venue. She told us it was her first time seeing the band and she was so excited because she had stalked them the day before at the airport and caught them upon their arrival, she had photo evidence and everything! We quickly realized perhaps we aren't the biggest fans out there ;)! We did make it almost to the barrier though and enjoyed boogeying the night away with the entire room who belted out each song like it was their very own private diary entry. LANY 4EVER xx. 


Maegan Parker

the metro theatre • sydney, AU • 7.22.17



Maiya Harriman

the metro theatre • sydney, AU • 7.22.17

Jessica Rose 

the powerstation • auckland, nz • 7.26.17 


Moon star • bangkok • 8.2.17

Hey guys I'm Belle from Bangkok, Thailand. I went to LANY LIVE IN BANGKOK on August 2, 2017. The venue called Moon Star 1. It's very close to my house. I think 8 side-street branching off a major street.

I saw them the day before (August 1, 2017) at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Just me and my friend were waiting for them. So I made Thai Shirt for them. I knew LANY from ILYSB song. On the first time I thought I was going to the concert by myself. But I met group of people from Twitter. And I got meet and greet from Universal Music Thailand too. It's cool that I went to the venue so early it's 3:00 pm. No body there at all. I had meet and greet on 4:00 pm. When I saw Jake, He was wearing my shirt. Omg!!!! I'm dying and crying. After that Ibrought some merch. I met Steve and Rupert. They're so nice, friendly and kind. I'm waiting at the line. So when the door open. ID checked. I saw Steve again and Alex. Me and my friends were in second row. I was so close to PJK. I was enjoy the music and everything. Paul, Les and Jake are dope. I took lots of video and picture. I posted one video on my twitter. PJK liked and retweet. It's gone so viral (it's on my pinned tweet. My twitter - @bellebellezy). August 2, 2017 still the best day of my life.

Ashley Reyes

 Ayla Malls • Manila • 8.6.17

Jen Larino

Ayala Malls • manila •  8.6.17

I thought I won't be able to watch them since I originally plan to go to ATC (another Ayala Mall nearest to mine) and the tickets were sold out after 3 hours! I cried over them for two nights, hopeless and giving up when someone messaged me saying that she has two available tix for the Market! Market! show since her friends backed out. No second thoughts, agreed and met her the day before the show. The show is at 3pm, left home at 7amand arrived there as early as 9am! Waited for 6hrs standing, sweaty and all but everything is worth it! Lany is all worth it. Will do it over and over again.

Love Dayrit

ayla malls • manila 

My friends travelled very early from Angeles to meet me here in Manila so we could all experience all the LANY feels! We felt it, loved it

Michelle Lee 

e-max music • hong kong • 8.8.10 

This was my first ever concert and I would say my first concert experience was amazing. Even though I couldn't get to the barricade, I could get to see them up close. Paul, Jake and Les were such humble and talented people. We basically screamed out every lyric from every song and it was a blast! I was also very fortunate to meet the guys before the gig and I swear they were some of the nicest people out there, I get to hug each member and told them directly how much I loved them. At the end of the concert, I was able to catch Les's guitar pick and I swear that moment was unreal. To sum up, it was honestly a beautiful experience xx   Michelle Lee



Peian Liu

e-max music • hong kong • 8.8.10 

It was their first time live in Hong Kong and also my very first time to see them! I was super excited for everything that happened!  "Good Girls" is my fav song to hear live from the new album. It made my day to seeing Paul dancing so happy! It's not a huge stage at Hong Kong E-max, but they're very close to the fans which makes us very enjoyable to the show. The way LANY is different from other band is they could heated up the venue without talking too much. They make music as a common language for me. Oh! AND THEY SANG "13" IN HONG KONG WHICH IS AWESOME RIGHT!!

Scarlet Young 

SCAPE THE GROUND THEATRE • Singapore • 8.10.17 


Natalie Dykes 

SCAPE THE GROUND THEATRE • singapore • 8.10.17 

Hi! My name is Natalie , I am seventeen years old and I currently live in London, I come back to Singapore every Summer as I am Singaporean/British and LANY performing whilst I was back here perfectly lined up.  My favourite songs that I loved hearing live were flowers on the floorsuper far , and 13. The best thing about all the songs they performed live sounded exactly as the studio recorded albums. I went to queue just before 8am and found myself queuing next to my first LANY mutual I met on twitter and it was great, I spent the next 12 hours queuing with her and meeting more and more people during the day who I actually had tweeted with before.

I have been to many many concerts over the years, but there was something extremely special about the LANY fans in Singapore, I have never witnessed so many people coming together and being brought closer to each other thanks to LANY's music. Although we had only just met each other in the queue for the first time, we created friendships which will forever be in our hearts. We all took turns to go get food and drinks and save each others spot in line.  We were told around 11am that we were queuing at the wrong spot despite being told by the Organisers/Promoters the exact location , everyone who was in the queue followed behind me and my 3 friends and we made our way to the correct location - no one cut or ran to the  entrance where we were actually supposed to queue. This made me so happy and restore my faith humanity. We were about 40 teenage girls queuing so far , we could've been selfish and run and take other peoples spot but we didn't we all formed a line and walked to where we queued for another 8 hours.  One thing that happens at a LANY show ? Well firstly , LANY is known for their floral aesthetic - fans flock to the concert with their bouquets of roses and flowers to give to the boys during their show.

I know this was a lot of writing but this was probably the best concert experience I have had, from queuing until 7am - having fun making new friends, joking around, eating lots whilst queuing, and  having a lovely conversation with the man selling the merch, as well as making new friends which I keep in touch with on - Snapchat, Twitter , Instagram and WhatsApp daily. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Jake, Les or Paul , but I hope one day I can and thank them for bringing people together thanks to their music. The show was wonderful , it went by so quickly but I was so happy I was the 4th fan to enter the venue and stand front and centre of the barricade to see the boys perform life. I brought a giant Singapore flag and so did my friend we both stood together with two giant Singapore flags side by side to welcome the boys to Singapore and remind them how excited their fans were to see them, the flags certainly caught their eye.



scape the ground theatre • singapore • 8.10.17 


Sarah Tan 

SCAPE THE GROUND THEATRE • singapore • 8.10.17

Age: 16

Fave song to hear live from their new album: Super Far

Did you meet up with any mutuals from online through LANY?: Funny story - I had put up an ad on Carousell (an online platform to sell & purchase new / old goods) asking if anyone had wanted to queue up w/ me in the morning since my friend could only join me an hour before doors opened. I had treated the ad as a joke & just a public cry of desperation, but to my surprise, 4 people had responded!! They ended up being super cool people & it's so so nice to make friends over a shared love for a band :)

What the energy felt like: Chill...calming...finally getting to see LANY live was surreal & they were so beautiful live. The crowd was great too :) Anything that happens only at a LANY show: Roses, roses, roses...




Gabby Sim + Eaint Chit

SCAPE THE GROUND THEATRE • singapore • 8.10.17

That day was probably the most spontaneous 6 hours of my life. The day of the concert at 2pm I spotted them in a store, kind of fell to the floor rambling incoherently telling Paul about how much I loved his music and next thing I knew Rupert let me and my friend on the guest list since tickets were sold out before my friend and I could get them. NBD, JUST THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE HAPPENING ON A THURSDAY AFTERNOON, SUPER CASUAL

Fast forward to me and my friend Eaint Chit arriving at the venue, where an hour after the doors opened started about a couple hundred people were huddled as close as possible to the stage. With the amount of vans and huf clothing I saw everyone turning up in, the crowd was unmistakably in sync with the whole LANY aesthetic. The whole venue was brimming with anticipation as it glowed in the prettiest hues of purple and blue and red and everyone was furiously updating their instagrams as it got closer and closer to 8 pm. Steve, hard to miss in a bright yellow bandana, was sat at the back of the theatre at the merch table the whole time. Uncontestedly the coolest guy in the room, obv. Once the lights dimmed and LANY took their places one by one, the whole place was hysterical!!! They opened with Dumb Stuff and you could feel both them and the crowd sharing so much energy and hype and by the end of it Paul literally looked like Tarzan bouncing around the stage with his green foresty button down and his dreads flying around. Still hot tho. And  I SWEAR Jake bore the most uncanny resemblance to Roger Federer drumming in his sweatband and everything but KILLED IT on the drums anyway.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED GOOD GIRLS and the vibes the audience gave in Where The Hell Are My Friends, pink skies and ILYSB (a few LANY essentials). Eaint Chit hadn't slept in 30 hours but still went strong the whole time lmao. The crowd went OFF when Paul crowd surfed and basically swallowed him as he moved along, picking up roses from fans as he went. I've been to about 10 concerts and I've never seen a crowd that insaNE!!! And Les on guitar is something I can only dream of being able to emulate tbh what a god.

About halfway through their set or so Paul thanked us for being there and the lights went back on and they left the stage for a bit, and I had never felt so played my whole life. The other fans were also pretty confused because the show couldn't have been over and I mean EVERYBODY WANTS MORE LANY and thank goodness we got it wrong when we thought it was done because they came back on stage and played a ton more songs. Listening to the crowd yell back all the lyrics to ILYSB was like an out of body experience. I can't even describe it rn. You had to be there to know. 

I can't even tell you how much fun I had that night, even more so that it came unexpectedly. I loved being in that space, with so many different people coming from different places in their lives all gathering together to scream the same words back, the band and the fans all washed over in music just celebrating our feelings, just having the time of our lives. And we couldn't have asked for more on a Thursday night :)


Megan Chew 

SCAPE THE GROUND THEATRE • singapore • 8.10.17

Reyzita Dwi Anggraini

we the fest 2017 • jakarta • 8.12.17 

Thank you to all that participated! 


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