LANY Tour Diary: pt. 2


Cristal Faith Lim 

Hi! I’m Cristal, 20, from Singapore.  

So, long story short, I found out about LANY a few years back and I’ve been hoping and waiting forever for them to have a show here. When they popped by in March to do stuff for press, i literally jumped out of my bed trying to find out their location just to meet them, and i did! Anyway, i told them how much i loved them and stuff and asked if they were doing a show here and they were already planning on doing so. So, obviously when they had the tour around Asia, I needed to see them more than once. 

My favorite song from the new album is probably The Breakup. Not sure why but that song just hits me in the chest every time i listen to it. 

I’ve made quite a few friends through LANY, of course I introduced the band to one of my closest friend and she immediately fell in love with them too! Recently this year, a few weeks before the concert actually, I made friends with Nat from twitter because she was the insider for the Singapore Show, and because I had plans to go to the Malaysia Show as well, I was the insider on the LIVE LANY snapchat that day :) 

During the queue for the Singapore show as well, I made a few other friends, some at the venue commented on the headband that I made for the LANY show and said it was so cute and wanted to try it on, some wanted to know where I got it from or where they could buy it, but that was in the venue itself haha when Paul came on stage and saw the headband he actually smiled so wide it was so cute.

This post is probably going to get pretty long; not even sure anyone would read the entire thing but here goes. 

I actually met the band again the day before the concert. I got to meet Rupe again, Steve, David (what sweethearts they are). I waited a whole 12 hours at the airport running from terminal to terminal to whichever Hong Kong flight was landing. I didn’t have any idea which flight it was so i had to try my luck. I was there from about 10am to 1am when the band finally arrived and i met them. Paul wrote out my tattoo, 4EVER! which was the first song that I really fell in love with from LANY. I gave them all personalized bandanas and matching rings (I had one too) and they were so lovely to the few of us that were there even though I could tell they were really tired.

So naturally after sending them off in their van, I had to rush home because I was going to be queuing early at the venue the next day. I was literally there before the sun was up, till the sun went down right before the concert. I was the first in line, and first to enter the venue. The queuing system was a little messed up, and could have been handled better by the organizers i feel.

As the time drew near, i grabbed center barricade and throughout the entire concert Paul looked at me a billion times, said ‘I love you’ twice to me and i swear, I screamed till my throat hurt. There was buzzing in my ears by the time the concert ended. I was elated but sad that it ended so quickly. 

But of course, i had the Malaysia show to look forward too and i was really excited for that, because I would finally be able to catch LANY on a bigger stage and with a bigger crowd the atmosphere would be better. 

I didn’t manage to get center or barricade for the Malaysia show but i was standing third or fourth row at the side, and when Paul finally came on stage and started singing Dumb Stuff, he spotted me and actually pointed right at me. With that many people at the festival, I was quite surprised he even spotted me since their show only started around 9PM. I mean, would a band ever treat you like this. They show so much love to their fans, i adore them so much for that. 

Halfway through the set, it started raining, and honestly. HONESTLY. LANY under the rain is something i think all fans should and hope to experience. It was so much fun, so emotional, and in that moment i felt so alive and free dancing and singing along to my favorite band. I sang every single word, screamed my lungs out. 

When it ended, i was so emotional and so happy at the same time. I was dancing under the rain (Kodaline’s set was right after) not to be cheesy but in that moment i really, i seriously felt free and infinite. LANY brings out so much happy in me and i wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When it was time to head back to Singapore, all i could think about was when i would be able to see them and meet them again. I can’t wait for that day and i hope for it to be sooner that later. I love them so much with all my heart and I am so grateful for them. 

To whoever that has made it this far, Thank You haha :) 

Till the next LANY Show, ILYSB <3

Dona A.

Mabuhay! I'm Dona, 27 years old from Manila, Philippines. I've watched the 5th and last leg of Lany's tour (#LanyLiveAtAyalaMalls) in Manila last August 6, 2017. And if you didn't happen to know, there were actually 5 mall shows that Lany did during their 2nd time here in Manila. And I watched them in Trinoma (Ayala Mall) in particular.

I basically arrived 6 hours before the show, since I was really expecting a huge huge crowd that day. The gates were opened 3 hours before the show. And I was in line for it about 4 and a half hours before it started. By the way, my companion for that day was one of my closest friends, she's the one who got our tickets which we didn't know was for the VIP section. And I would say that we were really blessed to have that one in a million ticket because that's VIP, the front section from the stage! So yay! And without any further ado, here's the story behind that "Lany Day". :)

We started queuing for the line at 2:20PM (Philippines time) and the show was scheduled to start at 7PM. There, we actually almost queued for the wrong line, thank goodness that we took the courage to ask around if we were on the right line or not. Then, we got really surprised having informed that our tickets weren't just the regular ones, rather, they're for the VIP section. And OMGGG! The line for the VIP section at that time was quite short, compared to the first line that we queued for. I and my friend were unexpectedly the 3rd and the 4th persons to fall in line there. Along with the queuing and waiting, we met some Lany friends, 2 of them were a girl and a boy who are actually siblings. Both of them are very kind and sweet! Just the right company we had that day. We are actually still in touch with them up to this very day and we would like each other's posts in social media up to now. 

Going back to the experience, the crowd was massive! As told by a lot of Filipino Lany fans, this show that I went to was the one with the largest and wildest crowd. Haha. On a side note, I've been watching concerts since I was 11 years old and this was actually the first time that I've watched an international band this close. It was indeed a dream come true! And as I've said in my Instagram account and in my personal blog, I've started to love Lany after hearing their "ILYSB" song and my most favorite video of them is its "Stripped" version. And everytime that I'm watching it, I always find myself daydreaming to be one of the girls in that crowd, because they were really really close to the stage in that video. In relation to this, among Lany's 5 shows here in Manila, Trinoma mall is where they've only played the "ILYSB (Stripped version)" which I got sooo ecstatic about because it's my favorite favorite. Ahhh! One more thing that made this concert really memorable to me, is that.. Paul Klein threw himself to the VIP section, which is our crowd. And OMG.. I was able to touch his arms and polo during those moments. Haha. Indeed, I got that real close to him! Whew!

All in all, this concert will surely be my top favorite concert of all time. The whole experience is surreal! And I'm so grateful that I've seen how much passion they put in their performance and how they appreciate their fans from the bottom of their hearts. They're truly amazing! And I have no words. I just absolutely didn't want this day to end and I know that I'll always look back to this. Lastly, as I end this story of mine, hope you'll enjoy the photos and videos that I was able to capture that day (found below), as much as I did. Thank you for reading this! Cheers!


Izzy Matias

LANY is one of my favourite bands, and I'm so grateful that I was able to watch them multiple times this year. I went to two of their five shows during their recent Manila mall tour and even got to meet them before their show. They're such nice people who put an amazing show for their fans. Since it was a mall show, the set list was around 11 songs. To me, it felt short, so I really hope they'll come back to Manila for a headlining tour and play more than 15 songs. Haha! I also did a full write-up on my blog which you can read at It's so amazing to see how much LANY has grown in the last two years. So, so proud of how far they've come! :)

Madelynn Burgess 

Tulsa OK // September 29th 2017 // Cain's Ballroom 

Quinn Dycus


I’m Quinn, I’m 18 and currently live in the Orlando, FL area! The show played at The Beacham on October 2nd was my first experience witnessing the beauty that is LANY. Nothing could ever compare to the vibrancy of those screens enhancing the silhouettes of Paul, Les, and Jake. Dagny opened the show, and let me just say she is my new queen. I have never seen someone embody grace yet, head bang all at the same time. Once her magical set finished, you could feel the anticipation from everyone in the room listening for the rain drops to the beginning of Dumb Stuff. As soon as those drum beats hit everyone in the room suddenly hit a high that Paul definitely sensed. There was an energy and passion coming from both the band and crowd that I think everyone should be able to experience. I definitely went my hardest during pink skies and Made In Hollywood. Not only was the music entrancing, the fashion inspo I got that night was amazing! Best dressed band award hands down goes to LANY and their fans. Overall, the night was no doubt poppin and Orlando became “one of LANY’s cities” as so beautifully stated by Paul. LANY slaps as always <3



Paola Rivera

Hello, my name's Paola and I saw LANY at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale. This was my first time seeing them and so it meant the absolute world to me. Every single moment the night had to offer I will forever cherish in my heart. Regardless of the rainy weather I happily waited in line with the biggest smile on my face. When the doors finally opened I still couldn't believe that I was really seeing them. It wasn't until I found myself singing along to Dumb Stuff that I had a "wow this is really happening" moment. It was definetly one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The atmosphere was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I'm so glad I went! Hearing Tampa live in Florida gave me goosebumps everyone was so into it. Especially when we were all singing, "I can do better than this" I truly felt that. The whole night was filled with dancing and the good kind of crying. The boys put on an amazing show. They really gave it their all which made me so very happy and eager for the next time they come back into town.

(P.S the highlight of my night was getting hit in the face with jake's drumstick) 


Elijah Vandine 

Forecastle Music Festival