COIN Tour Diary: pt 2

by liz watts + emma watts 


Victoria Taglione 

5.12.17 St. Petersburg, FL + 5.13.17 Orlando, FL 

The "COIN" sign lights up, the gravestone swirls with lights, the room goes black, and your heart is about to jump out of your chest. Seconds later, you're yelling "I'm feeling you, can you feel it too" with the biggest smile, rapid jumping (that you'll be doing the entire set), with Chase's energy instantaneously overflowing the crowd.  

When I saw Bad Suns last November in Orlando, Florida, I didn't think I would be discovering one of my favorite bands. I remember saying to my friend during COIN's set before Bad Suns went on, "Wait, they're really good". Here I am 7 months later, so unbelievably grateful for COIN and thinking about getting a "HWYKIYNT" tattoo.

May 12th and 13th were my fourth and fifth time seeing COIN in St. Petersburg and Orlando, Florida, and I swear, every time gets better; each one of their shows is a new experience, new atmosphere, with different people and memories. Just to give you an idea how beloved and popular COIN is now, both shows were sold-out with fans camping out overnight. This band isn't just another indie pop band that's famous for a couple of months and blends in with the hundreds of another alternative/indie pop bands; COIN and their music are so much more than that.

Listening to them instantly puts me in the most positive and elated mood, and brings me back to the amazing memories I have with them. Their confident stage presence is unlike any other band I've seen thus far; Chase's energetic dance moves and head-banging makes you feel like you're dancing right next to him. Due to COIN playing in small venues this tour, the band's energy instantly fills the room with Chase is engaging with the crowd constantly, from holding your hand and singing lyrics in inch away from his face to him crowd-surfing on top of hundreds of fans. 

It's been a little over a month since COIN released their incredible sophomore album, "How Will You Know If You Never Try?", and I catch myself singing this album or playing it by instinct in the car pretty much everyday. Hearing everyone in the crowd sing along to these new songs off the album like "Are We Alone?" or "Don't Cry 2020" were definitely my favorite parts of the shows, but of course, hearing "Malibu 1992" with Chase's relatable lyrics and soothing piano playing was so beautiful. With this album just being out for over a month, it has made a mark on so fans and myself, and I can't wait to dance to this album for the rest of my life. 

As if there's anything that can make you love COIN even more is how grateful and appreciative they are of each and every one of their fans. Each show, they are starting to gather more and more fans and become a much bigger and well-known band, but they ALWAYS make it a priority to come out right after their show to meet and talk to every single person. I've met Chase three times and though there's 40+ other girls wanting to talk and get a picture with him, he never rushes a conversation with you and makes you feel unimportant. Each time I've met Chase, we have a legit conversation and then tells me how grateful and appreciative he is for me and other fans like me; how could you not love him? 

For the Orlando show I went to on May 13th, Chase was meeting the owner behind the COIN_updates account on twitter and I've genuinely never seen an artist thank someone so much and be so grateful and appreciative before; I don't know if it was because I was really sleep deprived but I started to cry just listening to their conversation. Luckily, I got myself together when it was my turn to talk to Chase but then I cried after I met him; yes, I am one of those very emotional/extra fans.  

However, for me, being a fan of a band or artist is so much more than just liking their music. It's how you relate to their music, how it impacts your life and changes you, and the incredible memories and the friends you've made because of that band. Being a fan of COIN has checked off all of those reasons and more for me, and I'm so grateful to have them in my life. Thinking back now to the five COIN shows I've had the pleasure of seeing, I'm instantly rushed with amazing memories of dancing with fans all share the same love, and truly being the happiest I've ever been. 


Kira Wilber 

5.13.17 orlando, fl 

Hi guys! My name is Kira and seeing COIN in Orlando was my 2nd time seeing them. By the time this is published, I would have seen them for a 3rd time in St. Petersburg at 97x Backyard BBQ, which if I could describe in one word, HOT. Let’s go back to the Orlando show though. I live in Winter Park, which is about a 20-30 minute drive to The Social, depending on traffic. Good thing the show was on a Saturday and I left my apartment by 7:30am. When my uber dropped me off around 8, there was already a line of 10-15 girls who were DEAD asleep. I later found out they simply drove over the night before right after Coin’s show in St. Petersburg, parking it right on the street. The hours went on, and boy did I make plenty of friends. Some girl I met that day bought my friend Amber (a girl I also met that day) & I Tijuana Flats through Uber Eats – a great girl. Around 3pm, that’s when the storm came. It started drizzling at first, then that’s when the downpour came. It didn’t last long, maybe an hour at most, but it was not fun to know you still had hours to wait in line, soaking wet. Later on, I walked to the parking garage behind The Social to put my roommate & I’s stuff away (she showed up around noon) in her car, and who did we run into? Only the Ryan Winnen of course. He was leaving the back entrance of The Social to head to Tropical Smoothie across the street, and we had a very brief exchange of hello’s & thank you’s – always a gentleman. Doors finally opened at 7, and once COIN came on stage, I truly felt at home. Everyone was there to truly enjoy the music that these four men produce that all evoke such different yet similar feelings inside us, bringing us all together in a way we didn’t think possible. After the show, I met Ryan & Chase behind the venue, and boy oh boy are they just the sweetest gents that ever may be. Ryan was so fascinated at the idea of taking a picture together on my disposable, which just instantly warmed my heart. Him & Chase were so kind with each and every one of us, giving us their full attention to what may have felt like 100 people behind that building. After I met Ryan, Chase slid on down the line and we started to have a little chat. I thanked him from the bottom of my heart that they came to Florida, as not many artists usually include Florida dates in their tours. What he said will forever stick with me “Well not anymore”. I soon had to leave as my roommates meter only had 5 minutes left. As I was walking towards the parking garage, I realized I passed Joe, who was already talking to a girl, and I instantly got x10 sadder because it was either I get my roommate a ticket, or I wait another 20 minutes. I reluctantly dragged myself towards the parking garage, thinking how I couldn’t wait to see COIN again, whenever that may be. Home is a COIN show, and that night I felt nothing but at home. Also! I just happened to vlog my day for this show, so if you would like to check that out, it is down below!


Katie Johnson 

hangout music festival • 5.19.17 • gulf shores, al.

Let me start off by saying that before I saw COIN at Hangout Fest, I wasn’t actually a fan. By that I simply mean that I didn’t know anything about their music or about them, so I couldn’t really have an opinion one way or another. Whenever we saw COIN on the schedule for that first day of Hangout fest, I immediately recognized the name as a band that I had seen our cool friends at Honey Punch post about many, many times. Because I know Liz and Emma to have an impeccably good taste in music, going to watch COIN’s set seemed like a no-brainer. 

There are 3 specific things I look for in the music that I listen to, and most bands/artists that I decidedly love check off at least 2 of the 3 qualities. The list goes like this: 

1. They need to have songs that make me want to dance (like a maniac, preferably) 

2. Lyrics with real substance and meaning; and 

3. Songs that make me think! 

Somehow, COIN managed to show me all 3 of these things in the first 19 minutes of an only 45 minute set. However, 45 minutes was more than enough for my friends (Lacey and Lexie) and me to become completely infatuated with COIN. 

I’m just going to be honest with you, the first day at Hangout was pretty miserable. We were not prepared for the heat of the sun… at all. But, as I was standing there dancing to some stinkin’ good and completely infectious music, I totally forgot about the fact that i was most definitely getting  3rd degree burn from the sun. I was engaged, I was present, and i was loving every minute of it! And as I looked around at the rest of the festival goers, I realized that it wasn’t just me. Everyone was dancing, everyone was engaged. Me oh my, does it take a special kind of band to accomplish that! 

COIN is that rare, special kind of band, and they might just be my new favorite band.


Gabrielle Yost 

ST petersburg, fl • state theatre • 5.12.17

My friends and I got there at 6 am and I was ninth in line. I finally got to meet some mutuals on Twitter that I have been friends with for months because of COIN. It was like a little reunion and the whole day as we waited in line we were all ecstatic. We shared our stories of other COIN shows and how we found them. (waiting in line for shows is probably one of the best parts of the show). Doors opened and we all went in. I was barricade with some of my closest friends, right in front of joe. The St Pete show was a big day for many people. Me, my first real COIN show where they weren't opening and for my friend Gabriella, where the State Theatre was the first place she saw them back when they opened with Neon Trees a while back. She covered the stage in flowers after A R I Z O N A and put a note on Chase's Nord just thanking him for everything. Their intro came on and the whole crowd started yelling and screaming for the band we were here for. My heart felt so full finally seeing the band that meant to much to me sell out a Florida venue that I've been to many times. There's nothing like a coin show. It was crazy to hear the crowd sing the lyrics back to COIN. between talk too much and fingers crossed the crowd screamed and applauded COIN on their show for a good 4 minutes. All the boys were speechless and beaming (and crying a lil). The love was so evident for this band from nashville. Best crowd I've ever been in, best show I've ever been to. hwykiynt. 


Ashley Moody 

Let's be honest, I had only known "Talk Too Much” from hearing it so many times on the radio. It was a catchy song, but I never thought to actually look into COIN's other music. Then, Malibu 1992 showed up on my weekly playlist from Apple Music. I was HOOKED. This song gives me such sad/chill vibes and I’m sooooo here for it! I had found out that one of my favorite bands A R I Z O N A was opening for them and it was a very easy decision, Richmond we were on our way! My best friend Jala and I got there around 1pm and saw that there weren’t many people in line so we decided to go get lunch. While we were eating, Jala had opened the desk drawer that was attached to our table and we discovered a handful of napkins with positive quotes and messages from people all over. I found it fitting to draw the cover of COIN’s album on my napkin because….How Will You Know If You Never Try??

After lunch we explored the city a bit, then decided to finally get in line for the show. If you ready my bio on Honey Punch, you know that I was in line for a show when I wrote it. Well this was that show! There were a few people passing by confused as to what/who we were waiting in line for. One man in particular was extremely inquisitive as to who COIN was. We played him a bit of one of their songs and he said, “Wow! I’m 58 and I like this!!” COIN gained a new and excited fan that day! It was finally time to go inside and we found a good spot on the right so I could get some good pictures! 

A R I Z O N A opened the show and it was my second time seeing them. They are phenomenal, and I know they have a bright future ahead of them! 

The opening set was finished and the stage crew revealed the set for COIN. The enormous gravestone with the title of their album plus the neon hand gave me all the feels. They opened with "Feeling" and I was blown away! Chase’s energy extended to everyone in that room. Jala and I just looked at each other with surprised faces and we began to dance the night away. This band has an aura of light and excitement that surrounds them. They recognize that you are sharing this experience with them, and they bring you along for the journey. After getting to groove to “I Don’t Wanna Dance” it was time for my favorite song. “Malibu 1992” is a mellow dramatic ballad of sad memories, for me. I really connect with that song, so when it was performed of course I shed a few tears. The feeling in the air was somber but you knew everyone else was feeling that way too. Then it was back to upbeat songs and Chase’s retro inspired dancing. I was definitely blown away with how their show made me feel afterwards. 

We decided to stay after and get a picture with Chase, as he was already out meeting fans. I walked up to him and quickly told him how amazing he was. You could tell his “Thank you so much,” was sincere. He complimented my jacket and we took a couple cute pictures together. We met Joe next and I told him how aesthetically pleasing his outfit was and he let me take a portrait of him! He told us the story of how he actually bought the shirt he was wearing that day. Then 3/4 of the band were together taking pictures so we decided to get one with them as well. From a far, I could tell that these guys were really appreciative of everything that has happened to them so far. Ryan greeted Jala by telling her thank you for buying their Vinyl. They all signed it for her and she got to tell them how she would love to be their personal chef one day. Zach, Ryan and Chase all freaked out when she told them she made Vegan meals. They were definitely down to have her make them dinner the next time they’re in town! Overall, I will always have good things to say about COIN. As a band, but also as individuals. They are kind, appreciative, and extremely talented. I look for that in bands that I love. The energy they gave the room is something I will carry with me forever. Excuse me while I go cry at how amazing they are. :’) 

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