COIN Tour Diary: part 3 

by Liz Watts + Emma Watts 



Peyton Rhodes

6.6.2017 • Austin, TX

I have been to over forty concerts in my life so far, but I can confidently say that my first COIN show was my favorite one by leaps and bounds, due to a few different factors.

The first was the other fans attending the concert. Some of my best friends in the world were at that show, including some that I had never met before. I met one of my best friends in the world, Madi, for the first time (pictured below), and made many new friends that I will treasure forever. Waiting in line with them, wandering around Austin, and braving a bathroom trip that required us to walk past the band while they were sound checking was some of the most fun I have ever had in my life. Everyone was buoyed up by the promise of seeing COIN in a few hours, and the atmosphere was the most electric I have experienced while queueing for a show.

Secondly, the actual live show was one of the best I have ever experienced. My group of friends were some of the first in line, so we all ended up front row on Zach’s side. (Zach is my favorite member, so this was an extra plus for me.) Joan was the best opening band I have ever seen. Everyone in the crowd was 100% behind them, despite only having one song released. It was a joy to watch Joan perform because it was evident that they were both extremely talented and extremely passionate about their work. I look forward to seeing them take over the world.

And then, the moment I had been waiting for for eight months finally arrived. Chase stood with his hands raised and his back to the crowd, and we all cheered as the first bars of “Feeling” sounded through the tiny venue. From there, it was all a blur. I kept looking around at my friends and at the band members in front me, and everyone was grinning. We were all dancing, screaming, singing, and even crying together, and it felt like something more important that I had ever experienced in my life. The whole show seemed to last only seconds, and when it was over, a sense of absolute bliss filled the room. I remember turning to Madi and just hugging her and crying for a solid minute.

The last thing that made the night so special was meeting and talking to the bands. I said hi to Joan first. I'm a guitarist, so I asked them about their equipment, and they both began talking at rapid-fire speed about all the techniques and gear they love to use. It was so refreshing to see two people so excited and eager to talk about music with me. Then, Ryan and Chase came out to talk to fans. My friends and I talked to Ryan first, talking about our group chat (which Ryan and Chase both ended sending messages in), thrift stores, and laughing about the horrible lighting. Ryan was hilarious and sweet. He was very intent on being able to talk to every fan waiting for him. Then we floated to Chase, who was clearly not feeling well, but still talked to fans for over an hour. He was an absolute gentleman, shaking everyone’s hand and giving everyone the tightest hugs. He was also a total nerd, agonizing over what message to send in our group chat and finally settling on, “I love y’all a lot. Texas and also America.” Zach came out to help load the instruments, but he came over to talk to us for a bit. He was about to leave, and I was far too shy to ask him for a picture, but Madi, ever the mom, asked him to take one with me. I ended up being the only person to get a picture with him, which was cool. After arguing a little with me over whether Chacos or Birkenstocks were better, he left to go help load out.

A combination of my best friends, the live talent of the two bands, and the absolute dedication of the bands to their fans helped to make this show my favorite day of my life. I am forever thankful to COIN for the friends I’ve met through them, and the experiences I’ve been blessed enough to have with them. 

ATLAS (live) - by peyton rhodes 


Caleigh Wells 

houston, tx • 6.5.17  + austin, tx • 6.6.17 


My COIN show began by waiting for 6+ hours outside the venue - White Oak Music Hall in Houston - in the summer heat. It was the most fun type of camp out one can have, with people who share the same passionate love for the band I’m waiting to see. We napped on blankets and towels laid out on warm concrete, played cards to pass the time, made art for the boys, or admired the art others make for them. In the middle of the afternoon, the boys’ bus pulled up, and COIN themselves worked along their crew to unload their gear. 

My friends and I had a plan to give the band a cookie cake, because the day of our concert in Houston happened to be the 2nd anniversary of the self titled album. We found Chase climbing out of the van, and ran to give it to him. Hilariously, he didn’t know it was the album’s birthday, but took the cake nonetheless with a grateful smile. 

Time passed quickly until it was an hour before the show, and the line to get in the venue snaked down the street, and I felt like I could not wait a minute longer. When the music venue opened its doors, butterflies filled my chest and stomach, and everyone restlessly moved forward in line, trying to curb the urge to push everyone else aside to get that perfect front center spot in the general admission floor. However, once inside, I saw that any spot in the venue is the best seat in the house, because, hey, we’re at a COIN concert. 

Another hour passed by and I talked to the other fans crowded in beside me. Then, the music playing (a playlist made by the boys themselves) overhead stopped, and the opening band, Joan, a new duo with the familiar aesthetic of overalls and pastels, stepped on stage. Their set of unreleased music was easy to catch onto, and once they started Take Me On, their only released song, the whole crowd was bumping and dancing.

Another thirty minutes passed after Joan left the stage, and during that period of time, the crew worked quickly to prepare for COIN’s set. The iconic, larger than life gravestone was revealed, and everyone got out their phone to snap a picture of the album’s name engraved on the stone: How Will You Know If You Never Try? When the minutes approaching the start of COIN’s set got closer, I couldn’t help but feel the electric energy that pulsed in the crowd. That energy absolutely exploded into something tangible when the lights went down, and Ryan, Zach, and Joe filed on stage. Not a moment later, Chase followed, donned in his familiar red jacket with the album name spelled on the back. 

Cheers turned into singing when the band broke immediately into the first song, Feeling, and there’s nothing like the beginning of a show when everyone knows the words, “I’m feeling you, can you feel me too? I want you.” 

Chase had unrelenting energy throughout the entire show, from banging his head over the keyboard to the point I was afraid he’d get whiplash, to standing above the crowd, reaching from my hand during Boyfriend and singing lyrics to my face as I screamed along. It's the most unforgettable moment, when band and fan connect for an instant through music we both love. 

Joe’s guitar playing had me mesmerized, especially when I stood on his side of the venue, watching the way his fingers dance over the frets during his solos. It's amazing that he can play and simultaneously bang his head with the beat, created by Ryan on the drums, and Zach on the bass. Ryan blinked sweat from his eyes, but it doesn’t stop his relentless drumming. Zach carried the band’s sound with his groovy bass. 

However, before I was ready, the show was ending with Fingers Crossed, a bop from their first self titled album, and Chase climbed on the drum set, waving his arms wildly to catch his balance while the rest of the band finished the song. A quick wave, some blown kisses later, and the boys dashed off stage. Fans at the barricade rushed to get the setlist, or thrown guitar picks. 

We filed down the stairs where my friends and I found Joan by their merch table, talking to a few fans. We waited to speak to them for a bit, to find out how ecstatic they were that we knew their song and enjoyed their set. They’re a kind duo, and I voiced how I was excited to see them again the next night. 

We waited outside for the boys to come out, and when Chase finally did, donned in a black tee with “my achy breaky heart” in a rainbow font-- perfect for Texas-- the crowd of fans rushed to speak to him first. However, we decided to wait to be one of the last groups to speak to him, so we wouldn’t feel pressured to rush. 

While waiting for the crowd to dissipate, we talked to Ryan for a bit, who unfortunately doesn’t get enough credit for his role in the band. He is the sweetest, most down to earth person, who took the time to talk to each and every one of us, take multiple pictures, and sign things. He complimented my floral pattern mom shorts, and made an effort to remember my name (he remembered me the following night in Austin!). 

 Finally, it was our turn to meet frontman Chase, who immediately said, “wow, I am so overwhelmed,” at the size of our group, whom he has met many times. Once again, he was so so incredibly sweet and kind, and despite the tired heaviness of his eyelids, took the time to genuinely talk to us, take pictures, and sign things. We tell him we will see him tomorrow in Austin, and I leave, feeling happier than I have in many months.  

COIN is not just my favorite band. They have connected me with some of my new favorite people who I knew through twitter, and was finally able to meet them in real life. At that show, I met 10 people who are now my close friends. I love them, and I love how much passion they have for COIN like I do. We all come from different cities and would have never met if it wasn’t for this band! So thank you, COIN, for giving us the most incredible music, and bringing together incredible fans.     


Madi Mize 

white oak music hall • Houston, tx • 6.5.17 

Hi guys! My name is Madi and i just saw COIN at all three of their shows in Texas! First of all, WOW! Those guys really know how to put on a show. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The first thing you need to know is that the shows in Texas were my 3rd, 4th, and 5th time seeing COIN live, and they just get better every time I see them. To spare you the ordeal of reading about three shows, I’m going to mainly talk about the Houston show. The band that opened for them was a band called joan. I really liked the one song that they had released on Spotify, and I was so excited to finally hear more of their stuff. They were AMAZING. Their songs were really easy to dance along to and they were so good at playing live, despite this only having been their 4th or 5th time ever playing a show as a band! I asked Steven, the drummer, for a drumstick after their set and he gave me one. I was super excited about that.  Next up was COIN. Minty started playing over the speakers, the guys walked out on stage, Chase turned around to show the crowd his iconic “HOW WILL YOU KNOW IF YOU NEVER TRY?” jacket, Feeling started playing, and my mind went blank. I was so overwhelmed, I even forgot the words to one of my favorite songs. It took me a few seconds, but I finally regained consciousness and started singing along. A little farther into the show, my friend Alex had a plan to make It’s a Trap extra special. She printed out over 50 pictures of the Admiral Ackbar meme from Star Wars for us to hold up during the chorus of the song. Chase ended up grabbing one of the pictures from a fan and held it up with the rest of us while the whole venue sang “It’s a trap, my dear”. At the end of the show, right before they played Fingers Crossed, the entire venue erupted with cheers. Everyone was clapping, screaming, and saying “we love you” to the guys. Chase, like he always does, just stood in awe of the immense amount of love coming from everyone in the venue. I know that it’s been said before, but home really is a COIN show. The energy that Chase brings to every performance is insane, and they are all such talented musicians. COIN is just one of those bands that you know is gonna go far. The time and effort that they put into making sure that all of the fans know that they are valued and loved is a big part of why they will have so much success. The friends that I've met through these four boys are some of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I can't wait to travel to more shows and meet more people that love COIN as much as I do. I’m so proud of COIN because they have sold out an outstanding amount of shows on their first huge North American tour. I’m seeing them again in Kansas City and Bentonville, and I can hardly wait. Boys, if you're reading this, thank you so much for everything that you do. None of it goes unnoticed. We love you so much.


Ashleigh Haddock 

Austin, TX  • 6.6.17 

My name is Ashleigh, I'm 19 years old and I'm from yeehaw Texas. I saw COIN in Austin at Stubb's BBQ 6/6/17 and it was pure magic. 

I saw them earlier in November with Bad Suns and I'm so glad I did. I recently became a fan before they announced they were touring together and I remained a fan after. Their music and genuineness is so refreshing, it's like a breath of fresh air. They care SO much about their fans and it makes me love them even more than I do now. 

I had been talking to my Twitter mutuals through a group chat about this show for weeks and I was ecstatic to meet them. We talked about what we were going to do and what we were going to say to the guys and it just made it so much more surreal when the day arrived. My friends and I got in line around 2:45 pm and I spent the remaining hours playing card games and taking a trip to Voodoo donuts with mutuals from Twitter. It's truly amazing meeting people who have the same love for a band that you do.

Once doors opened I got to stand next to my friends who were barricade. We sung along to COIN's pre-show playlist and waited for the opener, joan to come on. (they're amazing, btw). I was nervous, yet so excited for COIN to come on and open with their bop, 'Feeling'. When they did, I was amazed. Chase has so much energy and makes the crowd come alive. Whether we were jumping, singing, clapping, or yelling I truly enjoyed every moment. Chase gets so personal during the shows. He remembered my friend Madi's favorite lyric from 'It's A Trap' and pointed and sung directly to her during the show. He also did that with my other friend during 'Run'. He truly cares about each and every single fan and I adored watching it while he performed. I'd have to say my favorite song from HWYKIYNT and performed live is Malibu 1992. It's so pure and intimate and you could hear every person sing the lyrics to it. I loved every single second of it. 

After the show, we bought some merch and waited for Ryan and Chase to come out. I got to meet Ryan first and he was so sweet. I gave him a gift I made and he put it on right on the spot. My friends had to ask me if I was okay after because my hands were so shaky. Next, I met Chase and he was just as sweet. I gave him a gift as well and he was so appreciative and kind. I will never forget that. He took time to remember my time and hug me as many times as he could. It's cheesy, but I definitely teared up after I met him. I even asked Chase and Ryan to type something in our COIN group chat and they did! Chase recognized everyone which I thought was amazing and Ryan told us he loved our group chat name and that he loved us. These guys have my hearts. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to meet Joe or Zach, but hopefully I will soon. 

It was tough saying goodbye to my friends and I miss them so much, but I cannot wait until I see them again at another COIN show. Austin, TX was absolutely unforgettable!


Jiselle Santos 

white oak music hall • houston, tx • 6.5.17 

Been a huge fan for COIN for about two years now, so being able to see them grow these last few years has been an amazing journey to witness. I first saw them in November 2016 when they opened for Bad Suns, it was truly an amazing experience to finally have them perform in Texas since SXSW 2015! Anyways, I should probably start to tell you about my concert experiences before I get into a whole spiel about that.

    Lining up before 10 to see COIN in Houston was truly a memorable experience and probably one of the best shows I’ve been to in quite a long time. So many people were traveling from so many places throughout the country to see COIN perform in this small venue in Houston, Texas, I just couldn’t fathom that idea as I arrived to the venue. Waiting in line, I not only met some of my closest internet mutuals but I also created new friendships along the way that I’m so thankful for. However, while planning to see COIN in Houston on June 5th, coincidentally (hahah COINcidentally) some friends and I decided to get COIN a cookie cake and card to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the self-titled album. In a way, that album holds something dear to all of us and we just wanted to celebrate the fact that COIN has made it this far along in their journey through music.

    Alongside from meeting some of the best people you could ever meet at a COIN show, Texas shows are quite special in a way to bands. The fans for most bands can be described as passionate, energetic, ‘crazy’, but I love to think that this excitement brings something to shows in Texas that you can’t get anywhere else. There have been so many shows that I’ve attended where many dedicated fans have given flags to the bands their seeing to remind them that Texas can always be a memorable place to them. So planning weeks before attending COIN in Houston, it just popped into my head that it would be a fantastic idea to give COIN a flag. The thoughts running through my head at the moment were, “Well! Why not? It’s the second anniversary of the self-titled album. COIN says the loved Texas back in November!” However, there was that one tweet that they tweeted months ago where it goes “Home is a COIN show” and it just resonated with my friends and I how much this band meant to us. We painted the flag while we were in line waiting for the COIN show, made a few mistakes along with way (oops!) but it truly meant so much to us that COIN now has it. So on the flag, we painted HWYKIYNT Tour 2017 since it is COIN’s first headline tour EVER. Having something to memorable from certain show like this one is something I hope that COIN can cherish. We managed to give the flag while they were performing Run, however, there weren’t many pictures or videos of it being given to Chase.

Being able to experience seeing one of my favorite bands with my favorite people is something I treasured over the last few weeks. I’m thankful for all the opportunities that had brought me to be able to see COIN and meet some amazing people along the way. Like the tweet goes “Home is a COIN show”, and it most certainly is.


Bailey Breedan 

houston, tx 6.5.17  + austin tx 6.6.17 

The show was amazing as always. My friends and I traveled from Knoxville TN to come to the Texas shows, we've seen them 7 times,  and it was worth the drive. I met new amazing friends and had the most amazing time meeting some of my favorite people. HWYKIYNT amen. 


Gabrielle Yost 

st. petersburg, fl • 

COIN are the best boys ever??? I totally believe this to be true. So I went to both Florida shows and met most of them after. My sister (who is 9) is a huge COIN fan and for months she tried to get my parents to let her go with me to the St. Pete show. So she made me make her a powerpoint for my parents to try and convince them. Sadly, it didn't work, but I got Chase to say something to her that made her young life. At the Orlando show my parents were coming to pick me up and while I was outside with my friends, Chase, Ryan, and Joe had come out. I called my mom and asked if my sister could hop out of the car when they got there and wait in line with me. It worked! my sister got out of the car as soon as they pulled up and I walked over to Chases group. As soon as Chase saw her he knew and gave her the biggest hug that she still talks about. After Chase we walked over to Joe and he was so welcoming to her and gave her the biggest hug. Till this day she talks about it with such joy. There's no band like coin!!!


Emma Hintz 

Orlando, fl + St. Petersburg, FL 

 I went to the Orlando show and both St. Pete shows. ️ They are seriously the sweetest guys and their shows bring me so much joy, they mean the world to me and I could never thank them enough for what they do. 


Gabby Miranda 

The Sinclair • Cambridge, Ma • 5.3.17

My name Is Gabby and I've been listening to coin for 2 years. Right when I heard their first album I was in love and knew I had to see them live but they had no shows near me. Soon after I saw that they were touring with Bad Suns I bought the tickets immediately! I was so anxious to see two of my favorite bands, especially coin for the first time. When we got into the venue and they came out I was in awe at their stage presence. I couldn't stop dancing! After the show all of the guys came out and we were able to meet them all. But I especially had a long talk with chase just laughing and we could go on forever, but it had to end... Soon after that was a show at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA. This show was extremely special, the vibe in the room had so much energy. Everyone was just dancing and smiling so much and it was just an overall amazing night. After the show we waited outside for them and Chase and Ryan came out! I first went to Ryan and he pulled me in for a big hug and said he loved my sweater and I almost died. Then after I went over to chase and said "Hey Chase" and he turned around with his eyes bright and said "OMG It's Gabby! You're Gabby right from the Boston show at the Brighton Music Hall? I remember hanging out on the sidewalk with you!" I couldn't believe chase remembered me and I didn't expect him to. He meets so many people on a daily basis that just shows how much they care about their fans. After they thanked me for coming to the show, sadly the night was over but there is definitely another COIN show to come!



Shauna Phaxay 

the crescent ballroom • phoenix, az • 6.14.17 

I first saw Coin at Hangout Fest in May and their performance blew my mind. I did not have the greatest view because I was in the back at hangout. I was not able to see them very well, but regardless I still had a great time. I'm originally from a small town in Alabama and was flying into Phoenix for vacation. When I found out Coin was performing in Phoenix, I immediately bought tickets. We were flying 1600 miles west and I could not miss another chance to see these guys perform again. The Phoenix show gave me a better connection to the band. Festival sets are short and the band is only allowed to play a few songs, so with the show I was able to see them perform more of my favorite songs, including Miranda Beach, Boyfriend, and Run (All of them were my favorite). One thing I discovered about attending my first concert out of the south, was that the people were different in a good way. No one was afraid to dance, sing, or just be themselves. I loved it! At concerts back home people are more held back and shy. When Coin is performing you can't help but to let loose. Coin's energy is contagious and everyone in the room was engaged in the show. I went with my sister and she didn't know any of Coin's music and when the show was over she said she was blown away. This concert will be one that I will remember for a long time. Coin is one of the most talented and genuine bands out there and it shows in their performance. I love these dudes and you should too!(: 


Jade Pike 

The Social • orlando, fl • 5.13.17 

5 PM. Exactly two hours before doors open for COIN's headliner at the Social in downtown Orlando. This is when I arrived at the venue with my friend Hayley. The line was stretched out down the street and was beginning to wrap around the side of the building. A few hundred people were lined up in the pouring rain with one purpose, to experience live music. And with a sold out show that night, COIN gave us ALL an experience to remember.

Prior to that night, Hayley and I had been fans of the band. We saw them once before, in December of 2016, when they opened for The 1975. Both of us were well aware that these guys could put on a show. We were actually quite lucky to have even scored tickets to this show! When How Will You Know If You Never Try came out, I knew I had to be at this show, especially since it was the band's first headline tour. But the only issue was the show had already sold out by that time. A few weeks later, a good friend of mine won a raffle for concert tickets of their choice. When she saw they had tickets to COIN, she chose those for me, knowing how bad I wanted to go. Best friend of the year? I think so! Sadly, she couldn't make it the day of the show, so my concert buddy (Hayley) made good use of that extra ticket. 

When we finally got inside the venue, half of the building was already packed. The pit was full and the overlook was lined with people. I know how to maneuver a crowd though, and we scored a spot on the stairs to the pit, right next to the stage. We were on Zach's side of the stage, with a perfect view of everything that went on. As the lights went down for COIN's set, I could feel the energy in the room rising. At that moment, the crowd became one and it seemed as if nothing else in the world mattered. 

I have to say, this band has one of the best live sets I've ever seen. Chase's stage presence is one to capture the attention of EVERYONE in the room. He has a way of making the audience feel involved in the performance. During "I Don't Wanna Dance", he came to the side of the stage I was on and took the flowers I had brought for him. The moment he looked me in the eye and sang to me is one I will never forget. I was ECSTATIC at this moment, and it had only been four songs into the set.  About halfway through their set, after "Don't Cry, 2020", the band took a break to let Chase bring tears to the eyes of all those who listened. By this I mean, he played a stripped version of "Lately" and "I Would". Those songs hold so much meaning to me, and experiencing them in this way was unforgettable. After taking a few minutes to cry, we were back to jamming to "It's a Trap" and "Run". I didn't think the night could get any better, but Chase came back to my side of the stage during "Boyfriend" and grabbed my hand. Those few seconds of interaction made me feel important. It was almost a way of thanking me for supporting them. Chase has been an inspiration to me for a while, and in this moment I felt he could understand all he's done for me. Moments like this are what make COIN who they are. 

After the show, I was lucky enough to meet 3 of them face to face. Ryan was the first, he signed my ticket and then stole my sharpie (It's okay Ryan, I forgive you). A while later I got to meet Chase. He signed my ticket as well, and I had him write "Don't Cry!" on a bandana I had with me. As he was signing, Hayley pointed out that it was 11:11. I started to tear up at the realization that my wish had come true. Chase looked at me and asked what my 11:11 wish was. In response to that, I simply said, "To meet you." I told him I was going to cry, and he said HE was the one that was going to cry. How adorable? We took pictures after this and I think I shed a tear on his shoulder when he hugged me. I was too nervous at the time to process my thoughts and didn't get to tell him the importance of his music to me, but I felt like he knew that already. I was able to catch Joe to sign my ticket right before leaving as well. Security of the parking lot was trying to kick him out, but Joe refused to leave. He explained he was just "talking to his people". Such a cool dude. 

Overall, the night of May 13th was one of the best memories I hold to this day. COIN is my absolute favorite band, with music you can cry and dance to at the same time. The lyrics of their songs hold so much meaning to me. Not only the music, but the boys themselves are the best. They love their fans more than anything in the world. Four boys from Nashville, Tennessee have taught me that it is okay to cry, and there is nothing that I appreciate more than that.

Huge thank you to everyone that submitted their memories so far, we're so thankful for you. see part 4 here.