Terri Terri: Attention


words by kyra bruce

Bummed about six more weeks of winter? Well it’s not so bad when you’re spending it with Terri Terri (AKA: Mark Noseworthy). Noseworhty released his album Attention on February 6th to keep you groovy company over the cold weeks. 

You may recognize Noseworthy from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, because he has been playing with the band since 2009. If you are a fan of Edward Sharpe I think you will love Noseworthy’s album.

The album is a real dance in the shower/groove in your living room jam. It’s hard to pin it down to a genre, it seems to be based in indie and slacker-rock, but it also has hints of math-rock, dream-pop, and even folk. Songs like “Visionary” and “Heart” are dark and full, while songs like “Attention” and “Sleepwalking” will make you dance before you even know you’re doing it.

The instrumentation on the album is truly beautiful, almost symphony-esque. Imagine a symphony that was written by a 2018 indie-rocker. The keys, drums, guitar, and Noseworthy’s own voice are so clearly working together harmoniously to create the album. An occasional synth or distorted guitar riff adds a perfect spice to this musical gumbo. 

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while and I highly suggest you check it out, it is the perfect cold weather jam album that you’ve been looking for.


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