Portugal. The Man's New ALbum: Woodstock

words by Nikita Satapathy

Psychedelic rock has returned to the forefront, thanks to Portugal. The Man. After a four year break, the band returns with Woodstock, their 8th studio album, and continue to pave the way for the emergence of electronic influences within indie rock. Influenced by John Gourley’s discovery of a lost Woodstock music festival ticket stub, the album takes the listener through time with old sounds and catchy lyrics.

The opening track, “Number One”, rehashes Richie Havens’ finale to his Woodstock performance and sets the stage for Portugal. The Man’s contemporary take on early alternative rock. “Easy Tiger” and “Live in the Moment” make for great headbangers. “Keep On” reminds the listener of a long drive along the coast. Want a mournful tune? “So Young” does the trick while remaining stylish. “Noise Pollution” is aptly named, taking combinations from multiple genres to create a unique sound. Hands down, “Feel It Still” is the catchiest song on the album and will definitely make an impact on the airwaves.

Summer sounds are typically associated with pop songs on the radio. Woodstock seeks to break that tradition and resonate with listeners with its unpredictability and old school rock aesthetic. 

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