A review of HAIM's New album:

"Something to tell you" 

words by Ava butera

Right now, HAIM just released their second studio album, and boy do I have something to tell you! Even though I’ve considered Haim one of my favorite bands since Days Are Gone was released back in 2013, and I truly had no idea what to expect, since the trio took such a long break in between albums. Four years doesn’t seem super long, but in the music industry, even a year can seem like an eternity. However, this long break was definitely worth it because Something to Tell You ROCKS!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years or just happen to enjoy upbeat, alternative music, you’re most likely aware of how incredibly talented this group of three sisters, Danielle, Alana, and Este, truly are. Haim have been on the festival circuit year after year, which has helped them out with getting their name out in the scene. That being said, even though Haim is considered an alternative-pop/rock band, Haim’s fanbase is extremely diverse and people who enjoy all music genres find greatness in Haim’s music.

Days Are Gone was an incredibly phenomenal debut from a then-unknown group however Something to Tell You blows it out of the water. Between catchy hooks, fun lyrics, and choruses that make you want to sing at the top of your lungs, Haim’s sophomore release defies the common phrase, sophomore slump (which means a band had a great debut but can never fully live up to that standard again.).

In April of 2017, listeners were blessed with the first single off the album, “Right Now.” This track sounded very different from Haim’s usual upbeat, 70’s rock influenced sound. However, when other singles such as “Want You Back” and “Little of Your Love” dropped, listeners knew the real Haim was back and better than ever.

Songs like “Ready For You” and “Nothing’s Wrong” are very reminiscent of late-70’s rock and are bound to be the standout tracks on this album. The instrumentation on this album is still Haim, but different elements have been added that make the songs sound extremely cool, psychedelic, and funky!

Just like past Haim work, Something to Tell You covers topics such as heartbreak, betrayal, and having fun. Even though upbeat moments on this album such as “You Never Knew”, “Ready For You”, and “Little of Your Love” are fun and show these sisters having a blast, slower and more meaningful moments such as “Night So Long” and “Kept Me Crying” show the band stripped down and vulnerable. That’s the beauty of this band, fun one minute and heartbreaking the next, but this aspect is what makes Haim so relatable.

As I look more into this album, critics all over are continuously praising how diverse, yet concurrent Something to Tell You is. I can already tell this is going to be a fan-favorite and is definitely my favorite album of the year so far.

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