september 13th 2017 

Photo by Helen Messenger

Photo by Helen Messenger

Attention all Detroit listeners! On September 13th, the indie punk rockers Beach Slang will be playing a gig at the Shelter. Although a young band, Beach Slang has already produced two fantastic albums full of crafted angst. Speaking perfectly to conflicted souls, young and old alike, these talented musicians encapsulate struggle in a perfectly poetic mess of chords and punk-inspired compositions. Reaching out to their audience—both figuratively and literally bringing them on stage during performances—anyone at a Beach Slang show can tangibly feel the emotion and connection to the band. The calculated lyricism and attention to the romantic side of life is obvious throughout their newest release, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings. Yearning, celebration, and mortality combine together in a well crafted LP that promises to be even more satisfying live and in person. Tickets for the show can be found here. 

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