Review: The Neighbourhood's Hard

words by nikita satapathy


The changing of seasons from summer to fall reminds me of The Neighbourhood’s hit single “Sweater Weather”. The alternative rock band from California has come along way since then and have graced the music world with their return in the form of Hard, a surprise EP that combines airy vocals with seductive melodies. 

“Roll Call” begins the EP with a yearning for independence. Jesse Rutherford’s vocals make desperation for a new life sound sexy and help the listener evoke images of lounging on the coastline. “You Get Me So High” explains the dark side of reaching for success and the relationships it has affected. “Noise” continues with the theme of transformation with a catchy hook about resisting change. 

The band changes vibes with “24/7”. A pseudo-love song, the track invites the listener to “hit the line” and shows the group’s ability to write songs that look to positive times ahead. “Sadderdaze” closes the EP and demonstrates that times have shifted for the band. Nostalgia is ever present but there are unpredictable times ahead. 

Ever versatile but to the point, Hard is a great example of how The Neighbourhood uses their experiences of shifting fame to make a name for themselves in the worlds of alternative and indie rock.