THE 1975: New Singles

review by Reese Gorman


The 1975 have released four singles from their upcoming album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, and Matty continues to amaze us. There is a distinct transition, both lyrically and instrumentally, from each 1975 album to the next. These singles get deep, addressing major issues such as, anxiety, politics, and being truly intimate with people, there should be no shortage of feels with this upcoming album.

Their first release off the album was, “Give Yourself A Try.” This song address' multiple issues such as, being afraid to show your true self, and being truly happy with who you are. He talks about things that us as a society, him included, try and use to find happiness when if we just, as cliché as it sounds, give ourselves a try and be our true selves then we will be truly happy. Referencing old songs such as “Sex” and “A Change of Heart,” Matty does a great job at allowing their fans to draw a connection to past songs and how he has matured as a writer and a person.

“Love It If We Made It,” was the second release and this one is special with Matty, as he usually does, getting very political. In this song, he addresses major issues such as race relations, mass incarceration, and Donald Trump. These are not low-key jabs either, he addresses them head-on with full force. Using lines such as, "Suffocate the black man" to address how African American's are treated in the US. The amount of talent you must possess to get political and address controversial topics, while still having the song flow is mind-blowing. Matty does this very well.

“TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” is a different song from what we're usually used to. It has more of a dance song vibe to it and uses beats that we don't usually hear in a 1975 song. On top of the deep lyrics, this song is just straight up fun. If this song came on in the club everyone would be dancing. Although it is about a relationship gone south, it's not a depressing song. The song is about an unfaithful relationship and how social media and technology played a role in the downfall. In it, he seems to poke fun at our modern culture and how the internet ruins relationships.

Their latest release definitely has the most meaning to me personally. “Sincerity Is Scary,” address how in this modern era being sincere and putting yourself out there is scary. Matty talks about how when you pursue true intimacy with someone it can end in pain, and in this society showing pain is frowned upon. He mentions things such as children, and how we're afraid to have children out of fear of "growing old" when in reality we will grow old whether we have children or not. I believe this is their best song they have released from the album. It addresses topics that most people don't talk about because they're scary. It's scary to talk about intimacy, or the lack thereof, in the society we're a part of.

If these four songs were all we got from The 1975 then I wouldn't be complaining, but luckily we get a whole album. The depth to each one and how well they're composed is truly a work of art. I cannot wait to see what is on the rest of this album. A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is set to release November 30. No other singles have been confirmed yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get at least one more. But for now, we wait.