by rheanne cruz

Get ready to add a new album to your summer playlists, because Arizona-based rock band, The Technicolors, are releasing their 3rd album, Metaphysical. Their upbeat vibe is something you can find yourself getting caught up in anytime, anywhere. Set to come out July 7th, you can catch a glimpse of what to expect with their single “Congratulations, You’re A Doll.” 

Luckily, we had the chance to speak to frontman Brennan Smiley to get what this band is all about, and even created a playlist of their inspo/favorites!     

So, Metaphysical is your third album. What would you say sets it apart from Ultraviolet Disguise and Listener?

I think it’s just a further realization of the band; it was recorded differently from all the other EPs we had done. We did it in an actual studio, and had good people surrounding us the whole time. The album is more of a complete thought, and stylistically, I think what’s special to us about this album is that it captures the live element that we really pride ourselves on.  We love playing live, and we wanted to bring that energy into the recording process. It seems to manifest itself differently. 


Were there any significant events, maybe during recording or writing, that may have influenced some of the songs?

We had a couple rules in the studio, like no phones in the studio to eliminate distractions. We weren’t allowed to use any references of other people’s music. If there was a certain sound or idea that we were going for, we had to describe it without referencing anyone or anything. So, we found that you really had to pull from your imagination. Looking back, it seems that it brought out our own character. A lot of times it’s easy to sit in a studio and go, “Oh we wanna do something like this”, and pull up a song on a computer and go for that sound. But when you take that element out of it, you’re just describing this idea that’s in your head.


Is there a song you’re excited for your listeners to hear or look out for?

Personally, I think my favorite song on the record is our latest release called “Congratulations, You’re a Doll”. We could communicate what we wanted on all the songs, but on that song, we really uncovered an idea we’ve been trying to do for a long time. It’s always a good feeling when you’re able to strike that cord. I’m also a really big fan of the song “Fall Off the Moon”. It’s been around for a while, and we have a remix of it on one of our EPs, and we have a couple different versions floating around. We are excited for the way those turned out, and it’s special to me because of the history we have with it.


As an independent artist, what have been your greatest obstacles so far?

You have to wear a lot of hats. I have trouble focusing sometimes, I think we all do, because we all enjoy every element of being in a band. We love creating music first and foremost, and that’s always the most important thing. There are things that some of us are good at, that some of us aren’t. I didn’t go to school for music business, so when you’re in this independently, you’re kind of forced to do that. You’re implementing your creativity as an artist into that world. The biggest obstacle is to wear all those hats and stay focused on every category that needs to be done, focus on the music, and portraying this thought or idea that means something to you. We want to be able to look back 10 years down the road and be happy with it; it was uniquely us.


Do you remember any moments that really pushed you forwards? Maybe with fans or something that feels rewarding?

We try to work hard to make something that feels special to us and trust our instincts. We noticed when we commit to something, finish it, and put it out there, we feel a sense of accomplishment. It feels like another boost, just because we get to share this music that we’ve been working so hard on in our little bubble. We’ve seen it bounce back with people’s reactions to the songs. With those things combined, and the way we feel about the songs, just fire us up.


I heard you’re having a private tour, what are you most excited for?

I’m just so ready to get out and hit the road. We have a pretty busy touring season ahead once the record does come out. Things tend to move quickly; there’s a lot of hype and things happening everywhere, and it tends to get chaotic. I’m looking forward to a chance to have some space, drive, and play these songs in a simple setting. I’m just bringing my acoustic guitar, and hanging with some of the people that have been really supportive of what we’ve done, how much we’ve grown, our growing pains, successes, and hard times. It’s really meaningful to have these intimate shows, and I want to play some of the tunes from the record before it comes out. It’s a thank you to everybody that’s been so supportive. 


Is there a city you’re looking forward to going to?

Yeah, but I can’t say yet. We have an idea of the cities we’ll be going to, but all these details are up in the air. I think we’ll be doing a few shows in California. I’m looking forward to some driving in the coast, that’d be nice. 

Band Playlist

Goblin - Profondo Rosso  

The organs combined with the delicate chimes are so horrific, there are many instances that we were trying to paint this feeling. 

Sonic Youth - Sunday

The chord changes are really striking.

Ennio Morricone - The Thing (Theme) 

The suspense this intro creates, as well as the spaces between the pulsing, are elements that stand out to me in this one...

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

I love the way the choruses open up, under the same drum groove. Amazing how big it gets.

Goblin - Phenomena 

This melody gets me every time. One of my favorite Goblin tunes.

Bernard Hermann - Pyscho (Theme) 

Pulsing, shrieking, dissonance. Makes your skin crawl. Just right. 

Candyman - Theme 

Haunting and happy. We tried to bridge this gap many times, and this is a reference that comes to mind. 

Silver Apples - Oscillations

This is one that's been a favorite of ours for a long time.

Goblin - Susperia Theme  

Every time I'm in the studio with Bob (our producer), these videos seem to find their way into the room and much time is spent going to youtube trails of different versions, etc. What I love about Goblin is the constant movement of the chimes, and the tone they create. I can think of many instances where we tried to recreate this using sequencers.

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