SunFest Lineup


may 3-6th, 2018 // West Palm Beach, FL


One of the most diverse and unique festivals on the East Coast just recently announced its 2018 lineup.

Sunfest Music Festival is a fest located in West Palm Beach, FL and has taken place during the first week of May every year, since it’s inception. This year’s lineup, in particular, was highly anticipated, since the festival always seems to provide lineups that please all genres.

A main reason why this festival is so unique, is because unlike most festivals across the country, Sunfest includes many local artists to showcase the talents of Florida-based artists. Additionally, Sunfest has also contained widely-popular acts on its lineup such as Death Cab for Cutie, Young the Giant, Paramore, and Walk the Moon, just to name a few. This year’s lineup caters to alternative music fans; bands include: Sir Sly, Dreamers, Grouplove, lovelytheband, and Brother Sundance. Again, I’m only featuring a portion of the immensely packed lineup.

Another great attribute of this festival is the insanely affordable pricing options. A four-day pass is $81 and a one-day pass is $43. This pass not only includes access to viewing various sets, but also having access to the arts festivals located in Sunfest as well!