Based in San Francisco and led by Steph Wells, SUMif is an electro-pop project that we fell in love with after listening to her for about 30 seconds. She put together a little playlist of her favorite artists that are part of the LGBT+ community and gave us a guide to her favorite spots in her city! 

"It is so awesome to see artists be open about their sexuality, not that they should have to, but the more people who talk about it, the more normalized it becomes.  There are so many kids out there who feel like they don't fit in - like they're different, and these artists have used their platform to help show them that it's normal to be you, whoever that may be.”   


My favorite spots in SF are:

El Rio - A divey bar in the deep Mission with a killer patio where they throw epic queer darties.  

Duboce Park - This is the biggest dog park in the city, and happens to be very close to where I live, so it's very convenient for me to be a creepy dog watcher here.  Always on the lookout for pups to play with.  

Blackbird - My favorite cocktail bar with an ever-rotating seasonal themed menu. 

Hawk Hill - Just over the Golden Gate Bridge in the Marin Headlands there's a giant hill with a killer view of the city (on a clear day). I love biking up there, especially to watch the sunrise over the city.   

Shizen - Vegan sushi.  You won't understand until you try it... my favorite restaurant in SF.    

Make sure to checkout her new single "Pretty Cage" which is out Now!