Wallows New Single: "Underneath The  Streetlights In The Winter Outside Your House"


review by Yasmin Ettobi


We may have all thought that “I Like it When You Sleep, For You are so Beautiful Yet so Unaware of It” was the longest song title that we’d have to memorize within the alternative music community, but Los Angeles threepiece Wallows follow close behind The 1975 with the release of their brand new single, “Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House.”

The song is short and sweet, beginning and ending with a significant punch. The bombastic, guitar-driven lofi that gets “Under the Streetlights” rolling might be a bit startling at first, but then seamlessly molds into a fast-tempoed banger consisting of roughly one and a half minutes.

There’s something nostalgic about the way that Dylan Minnette and Braeden Lemasters’ vocals blend together in perfect harmony throughout the track. Take away some of the electric guitar’s prominent distortion, and “Underneath the Streetlights” could practically take form as a country flavored rock tune, similar to that of “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles.

Wallows possesses an impressive knack for creating infectious melodies in any way, shape, or form, and “Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House” is yet another example of this talent in action. While it isn’t quite like anything the band has released previously, “Underneath the Streetlights” showcases Wallows’ ability to surprise their fans, mix up their sound, and have fun.

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