Mark Diamond: Hummingbird One


words by ava butera

Mark Diamond is an up-and-coming indie rock artist possessing not only extreme talent, but a vibe so unique to him that it’s almost impossible to skip over his music. With music reminiscent of male singer/songwriters such as James Bay, Hozier, and Shawn Mendes, it’s easy to say that Diamond will garner the attention he truly deserves in no time.

On March 8th, Diamond dropped his first EP since 2016, titled Hummingbird One. When comparing his previous work to the newest effort from the musician, listeners can quickly pick up on his dynamic growth as an artist. While his first EP Cosma has a more contemporary alternative sound, Hummingbird One has a rich and warm feeling to it, it feels like falling in love on a warm summer day. This shows us that after a while, he finally found his vibe.

The opening track “Promise” welcomes listeners to the short musical journey that is Hummingbird One. “Ooos”, infectious guitar riffs, and brilliant falsettos from Mark Diamond all usher you into the EP. This has got to be my favorite song on the effort, and definitely a pleasant opener.

Next we transition into the R&B-influenced song “Steady”, detailing an intimate yet blossoming relationship developing. Mark’s sensual vocals on this track are enough to leave you wanting more. However, the following track “London” describes an increasingly different topic — a relationship that’s ended due to feelings having changed. Diamond pleas, “if I could take it back, you know that I would.” And he questions, “maybe you still love me”. After the crescendoing guitars, he realizes that his old significant other doesn’t need him anymore and wishes he could “shake the feeling” of heartbreak. It’s a romantic-sounding break-up song that dramatically tears at your heartstrings.

The final song on the EP is “Road”, Diamond’s previously released single. This song is a great road trip song, given the lyrical content and title. This shows the artist coming to terms with his ended relationship by “choosing the road” instead of his toxic relationship. It’s refreshing to hear his up and down relationship throughout Hummingbird One end on a rather positive note.

I definitely recommend checking out Mark Diamond and his new EP, out now via Republic Records!

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