BRONCHO: Bad Habits

review by Reese Gorman


BRONCHO is a Tulsa-based Indie Rock Band and their upcoming release is going to be a work of art. Set to release October 12, Bad Behavior, will be their fourth studio LP. Their artistic rock style of music is very unique and extremely catchy.

Formed in 2010 by members Ryan Lindsey, Ben King, Johnathon Ford and Nathan Price they had big visions for where they wanted BRONCHO to go. The pop-punk band started by sending demos out to their friends trying to get advice on what to do. Their first release, Can't Get Past the Lips debuted in 2011. It was ranked as one of NPR's best-of-2011 albums.

Through all their albums they have stayed true to their original sound. As you look at each album you can hear them grow into themselves and fine tune and hone in on their own unique style.

Their new album is no different, staying true to who they are and in a lot of ways maturing and growing as a band. Lindsey describes their new album by calling it, "a reflection of the current world" and that it's less self-reflective and more observational "like we're looking through muddy binoculars from a distance. It's a blurry mirror image of the times from where we sit."

Lindsey's voice and style of singing are best described as naughty but in an almost seductive way, like he's trying to draw you in and after it’s all said and done wants you to want more. He has this way of leaving you intrigued even after everything is all said and done.

If you dig deeper into the songs on this record, you'll realize that they have a greater meaning than what you might realize at first listen. A lot of their songs reference controversial topics such as religion, sin, drugs, and scandal.

Through this album, Lindsey wants to leave everything up to interpretation. It is extremely difficult to please everyone, especially in today's society, and this album does a great job at not taking a side. Through all their songs and they address these topics, and from there it's up to you. Unlike the national news, Lindsey says that this record "is a non-biased, non-profit reporting on what's going on in the world." They want to start a conversation and bring these issues to the forefront of people minds.

Having already opened for the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Cage The Elephant, they will open for Father John Misty a day before they're album release on October 11. Both Lindsey and John Tillman [Father John Misty] have similar approaches when writing lyrics. They address very controversial topics and use their songs to stir up conversation amongst their listeners. Unlike Lindsey, Tillman leaves no room for interpretation. Even though the two differ in styles, the two seem to attract similar audiences and will be a good fit for each other at the show.

Bad Behavior, truly is their most musically and lyrically mature album to date. Having been a band for almost nine years, they have easily found who they are and have stuck with it. Look for Bad Behavior on October 12, and prepare to be impressed with some pure musical genius!