Kaz Moon:

“24 Hour Movie”

video premiere // september 17 2019

Juxtaposing electronic instrumentation with pop harmonies and sampled drums, Kaz Moon creates a one-of-a-kind sound that makes listening to his music feel like a lucid dream. The "24 Hour Movie" video tells a surreal story through vibrant scenes of purple, green and pink. Paired with abrupt scene cuts, slides, and changes, the pace and atmosphere of the video is like a retelling of a blurry, half-forgotten memory. Kaz states "The 24 hour movie I'm referring to is really just life, which never stops." A dexterous talent in the making, Kaz Moon’s innovation, and creativity show no sign of stopping any time soon.

watch the music video below

kaz moon is the music and multimedia project created by Cody Yao, a 22-year old singer, songwriter, producer, photographer and videographer from Dallas, Texas. A gifted, off-kilter pop-songwriter evoking artists like Julian Casablancas and Damon Albarn, Moon first garnered attention with his 2018 album "Summerbug", a stripped-down collection of songs combining grim lyricism and cheery production. Since then, Kaz Moon has continued to be a quiet revelation in the Dallas music scene. Yao has been nurturing a variety of creative disciplines since he was 14 and creates all his music by himself. His first release, Anomie, was a lo-fi dream pop record made during his senior year of college. The lead single “Stars in the Pool” was included in Dallas alternative magazine Central Track’s “Top 100 Local Songs of 2017”. His most recent project, Summerbug, is a unique 6-song collage of intimate, dark pop songs about loneliness, longing, and finding purpose. He was recently featured on the lead single “Work For You” on Medasin’s debut album Irene.