Amilli: DieForYou

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On the brink of headlining her first Lollapalooza in Berlin, Amilli drops her triumphant new single “Die For You.” Inundated with a palette of sonorous euphoria, the R&B-Pop track unveils the songstress’ piercing emotions of “dealing with the difficulty of maintaining a relationship while living the lifestyle of a successful up-and-coming musician” featuring fellow artist, Serious Klein. Willowing with luminous vocals and accompanying classic Hip Hop drums, the German songstress helms on an echoing jazz track, embellished in tantalizing R&B arrangements and a thematic love story. Instantly addicting, the track’s sensuous hymns and sonic pleadings induce a rhythmic composition of melodious pleasure.


stream “DIEFORYOU” below:


about amilli:

In a small grey German city of the so called Ruhr area, Amilli is at home. From a place where you´d rather locate soccer and beer culture, a soulful voice lightens up the national music scene and even makes waves internationally. A voice you probably wouldn’t have assigned to a fresh 19 year old girl. With her debut EP called "Wings", the artist wants to free herself from comparisons and it's an attempt to deal with the anxiety that comes with standing in public.

Growing up in a musical household, Amelie learned to play the piano at the age of seven. Her father, ahobby jazz pianist, used to write her little piano pieces that they played together. Her mother sings in achoir and her older brother also plays the piano passionately. At the age of 9/10, she performed Destiny's Child or Biggie Songs with her dad on the way to school. Until today she can rap along to "Big Poppa" by heart.


When she met two friends in mid-2017 to record her first very own song, she didn´t know what she started. If you ask Amelie today, she says bluntly that she has never wasted a thought on taking music more serious till then. Despite the roughness of the demo, it was well-received and reached thousands of streams on SoundCloud after a few days. Her current producer and manager Leo also became aware of her. Over time they became friends and the two began to produce the first Amilli songs.



One of the very first became "Rarri". The song and the video spread like wildfire in the national but also the international blogosphere. Many radios got on the bandwagon, not least the largest station in Germany “1live”. Countless labels came forward, but Amelie and her team decided to stay independent and formed the collective Mightkillya, which is responsible for music and video production as well as the management of Amilli.


Amilli released a few more singles later in the year and so it happened that she and her team were invited to the biggest german music award show “1live Krone” in their hometown Bochum. Unsuspecting, they were looking forward to an exciting evening, but it got even better. Amilli was surprisingly honored with the “1live” newcomer award and for the first time presented to millions of people via radio and television. By now it was clear that she became indispensable for the music world.


Tours with one of Germany´s biggest bands Annenmaykantereit and Giant Rooks followed and the fanbase and attention grew steadily. Also festival bookings increased and an exciting first festival summer was ahead of the young artist.


In the tour and festival breaks, she and Leo continued to work on new songs and so the debut project "Wings" was created. 

The EP is trying to process this new life which Amelie, as she says herself, "slipped into by accident". To be a musician means to reveal oneself to the world, to face her fear every night and to go on stage. To Amelie it was a great overcoming because she never had the plan to become a singer, let alone perform her songs in front of thousands of people. Still, she says, "I've realized how much I benefit from leaving my comfort zone a little bit more each day and not always worry so much." adding, "at the end of the day, I always say to myself that nothing really bad happens when I sing a wrong note once. As long as I give my best, have fun and live up to my own expectations, I am satisfied.".