Castlebeat: East Coast

track premiere

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“The song is about spending the past 2 years living in NYC being away from home, it's unique because it's the first Castlebeat song that doesn't rely heavily on guitar. The past year I've gone through a sort of writer's block & have been trying to come up with different sounds. I hope to eventually put together an album that melds my old sound with something fresh. This is my attempt at a more synth-based sound.” - Josh Hwang (CASTLEBEAT)

Stream “East Coast” below:

about Castlebeat

Lo-fi dream pop project, CASTLEBEAT, is the DIY effort of 25-year-old Josh Hwang who has become known as a bedroom pop originator, along with being the founder of indie label, Spirit Goth. Josh writes / records / produces in his Brooklyn, NY basement, weaving melodic hooks with home-made production style.

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