Barber For The Queen

“Lucid Dreaming”


Barber For The Queen are a young Montreal based band made up of 5 boys who decided to join forces after a few jam sessions. The synth-indie pop rockers deliver a smooth yet energetic live set featuring their musicalities inspired by bands like Pond, MGMT and Sports. Their fuzzy vocals, upbeat tempos and passion for performing is what keeps attracting people to their gigs. Their everlasting youth drives them to keep making music, to constantly experiment and dismiss any limits to their creative projects.

After the summer release of the band’s first EP ‘Effects Are Classic’, Barber For The Queen are back with the single release of Lucid Dreaming. The laid back trippy vibes are enhanced as the 5 boys explore slightly a more synth approach to the tune. The surf rock guitars, distorsion and simple but catchy lyrics stay true to BFTQ’s musical roots. The dynamics are stronger and the complex structure is a look into their upcoming EP that will ride on heavier synths and creating an atmosphere to lead you into a trance.

Listen to the premiere of Lucid Dreaming below:


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