Two Door Cinema Club

with Overcoats


9.22.19 @ First Avenue // Minneapolis, MN

review + photos by Morgan Winston

Two Door Cinema Club treated avid fans to a spectacular performance at First Avenue last weekend. The Irish rockers, known by many for their fabulous debut album Tourist History, proved to everyone in attendance that TDCC is in for the long haul.

New York-based Overcoats took to the stage to open the night. Their energy and gratitude was palpable throughout the set, as the night marked their last opening for TDCC. The duo, made up of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell, commanded attention with their strong vocals and dynamic stage presence. 

Finally, it was time for Two Door Cinema Club to take the stage. Their stage design was gorgeous and consisted of a large red platform placed in front of a large screen. To build suspense, the screen counted down to the band’s entrance. TDCC opened with “Talk” off of their most recent effort False Alarm. The night continued with songs from their entire career, yet didn’t fall prey to simply a showcase of greatest hits. The performance felt fresh and lively, and the crowd danced until the end.



two door cinema club