Sofi Tukker

1.31.18 // Heaven // London, UK

Photos by Morgan Winston 

Words by Emma Bruland

Pop duo Sofi Tukker took 2017 by storm. They released multiple new singles, saw their songs backing large advertising campaigns, and opened for ODESZA’s latest tour. So what better way for Sofi Tukker to ring in the new year than by headlining their own international tour for the next seven months?

On Wednesday January 31, Sofi Tukker performed a sold-out show at Heaven, one of London’s hottest clubs. The female-driven lineup pumped up the crowd as they waited for the main act of the night. Opener DJ LP Giobbi did not let her energy fade even the slightest during her sets, feeding off the crowd’s reactions to her music mixes. The intense strobe lights combined with Giobbi’s constant dancing kept even the most tired concert-goers bobbing their heads along to the heavy bass.

Next on stage was the British/South African band Triggrd. This alternative rock duo looked ready for the runway as they stepped onstage, guitars in hand and pants flaring. But these girls were not there to model killer fashion. As soon as Triggrd reached the microphones, their smooth vocals rocked the club. It is clear that these two are meant to perform together. They took turns singing lead and backing vocals, all while maintaining perfect rhythm between strumming and picking rock melodies on their guitars. There wasn’t a still body in the room while Triggrd worked the stage, and the support from fans in the crowd rang through as slurred voices sang along to more well-known songs.

After another pump-up session from DJ LP Giobbi, Sofi Tukker finally graced Heaven with their presence. Rocking statement pieces, Sophie in all white and Tucker in checkerboard, the energy in the room increased ten-fold as soon as these two stepped on stage. One note in and the crowd went wild. Fans threw their arms in the air, and when they weren’t singing along to every song, they were screaming words of praise for the duo. Sofi Tukker played major hits like “Best Friend” and “Fuck They” as well as showcasing the Portuguese vocals of “Drinkee” and “Energia,” among others. No matter what language they sang in, each song of theirs has a driving force that makes it easy for anyone to dance to. The band produces a jungle-like sound behind catchy vocals that provides an instant feel-good vibe.

There is no doubt that Sofi Tukker love performing. It can be seen from the huge grin on Sophie’s face every time she looks out at the crowd, or from the way her and Tucker make sure to work all of the stage so everyone up close can have their chance to reach out and touch hands with one of them. For those who chose not to fight their way to the front, Sophie made sure to jump down into the crowd to dance and share hugs with many ecstatic fans. From the little moments of choreographed dance moves to bringing audience members on stage, this concert never had a dull moment. Fans from around the world jumped in sync to the electric beats Sofi Tukker turned out until the very end of the night.

If Sofi Tukker can maintain the level of energy they had in London for the rest of their tour, fans attending future concerts will not be disappointed. The rest of their tour dates can be found at