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S. Carey 

with Gordi // Nashville, TN // The High Watt


words + photos by Britton Strickland

My first exposure to Sean Carey was a 2008 video by La Blogothèque of him harmonizing and playing For Emma, Forever Ago with Justin Vernon and Mike Noyce (of Bon Iver) in the streets of Paris. I must have watched this video 1000 times, and it was years later that I made the connection of S. Carey’s work to the guy in the video. I’ve been looking forward to S. Carey's show for months, and his latest album “Hundred Acres” has been on repeat since its release last month. The tight venue and pin drop silence from the crowd was a perfect place to experience this live performance. Sean creates an aura with his music, and his musical tract record is a testament to the fact. His talent has been found spread throughout other big works like Sufjan Stevens (for Carrie and Lowell) and Bon Iver (supporting vocals/drums), and his recent track “More I See” scored a spot on Taylor Swift’s Favorites Playlist. If you haven’t had a chance to give him a listen, drop what you’re doing right now. You may also have a chance to catch him on the last leg of his 2018 tour. 

Sean Carey - guitar, keys, drums, vocals

Jeremy Boettcher - bass

Ben Lester - steel, keys

Zach Hanson - electric guitar, vocals, drums

Sophie Peyton (Gordi, opening act) - acoustic, vocals