Rainbow Kitten Surprise 

The Jones Assembly, OKC // August 21st 2018


Photos + words by reese gorman

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, don't let the name fool you cause they are one hell of a band. As unique as they are the name should come as no surprise. There truly is no one to compare them to. I whole-heartedly believe that there is no one out there making music like them. Samuel Melo, the lead singer, is one of the most talented individuals I have seen in a while. He has this rich beautiful voice that just overwhelms you. But in an instant, he can switch to rapping that makes you so hype you can't help but dance. 

RKS are some of the best performers I have ever seen. I'm talking about sing-offs, fake fights, dancing all over the stage, the dudes never stood still. There was always someone moving on stage. 

They had the crowd engaged from the very beginning. Opening with a fan favorite, and their most popular off the newest album, Fever Pitch. This song truly shows Samuel's talent. The different styles he uses in this one song is mindboggling. He talks, raps, and sings. The amazing thing is, they're all beautiful. Not one moment throughout the song do you not love his voice. They played a lot of my personal favorites such as, Cocaine Jesus, Devil Like Me, First Class, as well as many others. 

There was no shortage of excitement throughout this show. I would highly recommend if you ever have the opportunity to see them live do not miss out, go. You will have the time of your life, guaranteed. 

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Instagram: @rksbandofficial