Moon Taxi 


Oklahoma City, OK // February 16th 2018


words + photos by sara salamat

I attended Nashville-based band Moon Taxi’s Let The Record Play Tour at the Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Now, I wasn't a massive fan before I attended the show, but afterwords? I will definetly be going to another one of their shows when they come back to my city. 

The five piece band was the soundtrack of the night with drunken concert goers packing the venue floor. Trevor Terndrup, Wes Bailey, Spencer Thomson, Tyler Ritter, and Tommy Putnam took the stage. From the moment these gentleman walked on stage they made the crowd feel welcome. Drums began the opening bars as the chords for their opening number let The Record Play filled the room. 


Trevor Terndrip, lead guitarist and vocalist, grabbed his shining white guitar and stepped on one of the speakers directly in front of stage, earning a massive cheer from the crowd that anyone  could feel the energy from a mile away. This energetic, indie/folk/pop rock vibe they have found in their music blended well together making their sound all the more impressive. 

In the breakdown for Mercury, Terndrip took center stage as he played a guitar solo as if his life depended on it. Few songs later the band began to play out one of their singles, It’s Not Too Late which even had me singing along by the second chorus. 

Moon Taxi created an energetic, and welcoming environment that made it impossible to just stand still and listen to their music. I’m pretty sure I saw the bartenders at the venue dancing along to their setlist but you didn’t hear that from me!