Lewis Capaldi

10.3.19 @ First Avenue // Minneapolis, MN

photos + review by Morgan Winston


Scottish singer/songwriter Lewis Capaldi made a dazzling sold-out appearance at First Avenue in Minneapolis last Thursday. The young singer, who just turned 23 this past Monday, charmed the crowd and gave a phenomenal performance showcasing his popular hits.

Capaldi took to the stage following an ominous song from the Star Wars franchise, which was probably a nod to his nickname ‘Chewis Capaldi.’ After greeting his fans and playing “Grace,” Capaldi paused to joke to those in the venue who had perhaps been dragged to the show. He asked the room whether they liked rock and roll (to scattered cheers) and promptly remarked that they wouldn’t like his show and should leave.

All jokes aside, it is hard to believe anyone wouldn’t enjoy a Lewis Capaldi show. His voice is deep and strong, with a rich quality that is shown off through his beautifully emotional lyrics. The juxtaposition between his stage personality and his lyrics is a bit jarring at first, but once you’ve accepted both sides it makes for an entertaining show. Capaldi’s songs, while known for their streaming success, seem to be made to be belted out in a live setting. The beginning of each song elicited a louder cheer than the one before, and the crowd was hooked from start to finish.