King Princess

+ Cautious Clay


photos + review by morgan winston

Thalia Hall was treated to a phenomenal performance from King Princess Wednesday night. Under this stage name, Mikaela Straus takes on an energetic form. Throughout her set, her voice carried just as much power as the voices from the crowd, their roaring appreciation of the songwriter’s lyrics a constant presence.

The Lollapalooza aftershow (or pre-party) was a celebration of Mikaela’s upcoming debut record, Cheap Queen. She emphasized patience, but assured her fans that the record was done. KP’s connection with her fans is one reason why her live shows are so amazing. Upon seeing a fan’s King Princess tattoo, a concerned Mikaela paused to say “I want your mother to like me.”

The rest of the night was marked with musical highlights, from an amazing performance of an unreleased song “Trust Nobody,” to a rendition of “Talia” to end the pre-encore Thalia Hall show. Opener Cautious Clay was also a heavy-hitter with the sold-out crowd. His amazing voice and instrumental skills was a sweet pairing to King Princess’s synthy tunes.