10.4.19 @ First Avenue // Minneapolis, MN

photos + review by Morgan Winston


Minneapolis was treated to a magical evening with Flyte last week. The English trio, currently on tour with Jade Bird, dazzled the crowd with their three-part harmonies and effortless stage presence.

With a simple stage setup consisted of three stools and three mic stands, Flyte appeared out of the darkness. Bathed in light from two orange spotlights for the entirety of their set, the performance made the large venue feel like a small, warm space. Will Taylor, Jon Supran, and Nick Hill were perfectly in sync throughout the show, playing off of the energy each one provided to their amazing tunes.

Highlights from their set included a spirited rendition of “Faithless” off of their 2017 album The Loved Ones, and “White Roses,” the titular track from their recently released EP. Despite many in the room appearing to be listening to Flyte for the first time, everyone was enthralled. There is something so pure and honest in their songs and the emotion in their lyrics is so palpable in a live setting. When they left the stage the magic was broken, but thankfully they joined Jade Bird during her set for a gorgeous performance of “17.” This is one gorgeous show we’ll be thinking about until the group returns to the US, hopefully soon.