big thief

with Twain 

Cedar Cultural Center • Minneapolis, MN • 7.5.17 

words + photos by morgan winston 


Brooklyn-based Big Thief graced the Cedar Cultural Center with their amazingly delicate indie folk music on Wednesday night. Lead vocalist Adrianne Lenker timidly took the stage but instantly warmed to the crowd of avid fans, playing music from their newly released sophomore album Capacity. In addition to newer songs like “Shark Smile”, hit songs from their first record also made an appearance. “Masterpiece” was a pure joy to hear live, with guitarist Buck Meek’s expert guitar work adding depth and complexity alongside Lenker’s acoustic guitar-like vocals.

Lenker remarked on her excitement in playing at the Cedar Cultural Center, stating that it had been a dream of hers since she was 14. She also remarked on the difficulty of defining what “home” is supposed to feel like, which is humorous because I feel at home with Big Thief’s soothing melodies. There are peaks and valleys not only song to song but also within specific tunes. “Paul”, one of their most popular songs, is an excellent example of this band’s ability to create beautiful landscapes with their music. Overall this live set proved to me that Big Thief’s down-to-earth music and wonderful lyrical complexity makes them a stunning contributor to the vast indie scene.



big thief