The 19-year-old and self-proclaimed "Hannah Montana of the rap world," Mallrat, brings us tunes with killer choruses and breezy melodies. Her ~bubble gum rap~ tracks have already racked up millions of streams despite the fact that Mallrat (a.k.a. Grace Shaw) emerged from the Brisbane music scene when she was just 16. Read below to learn more about her!

Tracks to check out: "better"


Did you have any specific moment that really made you want to pursue a career in music or has it always been something you’ve had at the back of your mind?

When I was little it was something it was something I really wanted to do. I loved Hannah Montana and the Lizzie McGuire movie where she goes to Rome and accidentally becomes a pop star. At some point I lost interest, thinking it was an unrealistic dream, until a few years ago when I started listening to an Australian artist called Allday, went to his concert, and realised I didn’t want to go to university after I finished school! That's when I started writing.

What things help fuel a creative headspace for your music?

People watching! 

How would you describe your music? What other music/artists do you think would be in a playlist alongside tracks like “Uninvited” or “Tokyo Drift” ?

Hopefully Mø, Mura Masa, Black Eyed Peas, Yung Lean, Lily Allen, ASAP Rocky, Sia, Lorde, Travis Scott, Charli XCX and Kanye.

Do you see being a young female as an advantage or disadvantage- especially since you’re a growing artist in the music industry?

There are so many teenage girls that love listening to music but not a lot writing and releasing it. I think it's a strength that I can speak directly to/ for such an important (and often underestimated) audience. 

What scary movie characters would you invite to your ultimate Halloween party? (or ones you would ban!)

All friendly witches and aliens are welcome.

What are some of your favorite Halloween memories? Anything you've ever wanted to dress up as but never got to?

Halloween isn’t a big thing in Australia but one day I will definitely get a group of friends together and dress up as the spice girls (I’m baby spice).

instagram + Twitter: @lilmallrat