Native Sun: “Oedipus Race”

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photo by Pooneh Ghana

October 4th 2019

What’s more American than a band of immigrants? Native Sun doesn’t so much ask the question as demand an answer with their cataclysmic resistance by audio. In our time of division, the four piece brings their personal contexts front and center, unabashedly reimagining the sound of white americana through their (mostly) brown mouths – empowered by the will to make music against all hostility. Harkening back to a time when rock ‘n roll meant something, they not only reinvigorated, but have conquered the New York music scene, selling out shows, getting shut down by the cops, and finding themselves amongst the ranks of bands like Psychic Ills , Sunflower Bean, DEATH, Wavves, Night Beats, and The Nude Party. After releasing their first two EP‘s-  ‘Songs Born from Love and Hate’ and ‘Always Different Always the Same’ – the band is back with their latest single “Oedipus Race”: an explosive outcry against the vicious cycle of general racism. 

“Locked up a man who wanted to rule the world, the fools they locked up the wrong man...”

Of the single, the band states: 

“Oedipus Race” is a compelling statement and vital response representing the fractured America we live in. It tells the story and struggle of the disenfranchised minority through the eyes of the oppressor — pushed and undermined daily in our shameful, glorified “American society”. Now is the time! Mobilize, educate, and fight the struggle."

stream the track here + watch the music video below.

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