Molly DeWolf: "8 Seconds" 


Stream Molly DeWolf's latest single "8 Seconds" below!

Artist Bio

The talented vocalist - who weds the emotion of ‘80s and ‘90s R&B with the brooding nature of modern day dark pop (think "futuristic Sade") - attended Harvard and became director of the school's oldest co-ed a cappella group, and later appeared on season 10 of American Idol. Although she was talented fundamentally, and filled with a desire to create, her experience of the music industry repelled her. After walking away from music, she spent five years building RYOT -- an immersive media company specializing in news, documentaries, and the emerging technologies of AR & VR -- which she then sold to Huffington Post / AOL in 2016, the first VR content company exit in history. Shortly after the sale, DeWolf had a serendipitous meeting with the men in BRÅVES (Rostrum Records) at an event she attended, where they performed an original song inspired by an elephant poaching documentary... a RYOT Film she had produced two years earlier. Mutually inspired -- DeWolf by their musicianship and vocal prowess, and BRÅVES by her creative achievements and aspirations -- they decided to make music together, five years after her last musical undertaking. Molly DeWolf and BRÅVES wrote and recorded in two months what would become her self-titled, debut EP - the first single from which is "8 Seconds."