Loud Hound: “High in the Bathroom”


LOUD HOUND is singer- songwriter / producer Tommy Florio. Tommy was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and his family moved around quite a bit during his childhood from Pennsylvania, New Jersey to Iowa, Minnesota, Ontario, Nevada, and even New York City. Music was never his primary focus in life. He was always into art whether it was drawing, making home movies or playing the drums. During his teenager years he was extremely driven to become a professional skateboarder. He did experience a moderate level of success by winning several skateboarding competitions and small sponsorships from local skate shops down the shore in New Jersey. After one too many broken bones and several dozen staples in his head he shifted his focus from pushing wood to focusing on filmmaking and music.

Listen to the new single “High in the Bathroom” + read more about Loud Hound below:

By 18, Tommy went to Fordham University for Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He never felt like he fit in with his peers in business school because a majority of them wanted to be stock brokers on Wall Street, while all he would think about was making movies and music. By his senior year in college Tommy developed a small tech company called CreateMate which was a social marketplace for creative individuals to create, connect, and collaborate on quality jobs and projects anywhere. He did this in the vein of finding a way to work with others to make films and help other creative types find work to stay financially afloat. This endeavor didn’t last long due to a college kid funds. For the first two years after college Tommy was signed with Abrams Artists as an actor and was auditioning daily for feature films, tv shows, and commercials. He did land a few commercial gigs and cartoons but after two treacherous years of toxic manipulation from the film industry he decided his mental and physical health wasn’t worth giving up for something to “hopefully” pan out. Tommy has always worked on music in his home studio and at various studios in Philadelphia and Brooklyn.

In 2018 he released two songs, “Fine by Me” and “Runnin’” which were used as an experiment to figure out the kinks and the chess match like world of social media and streaming platforms. He experienced some decent play exposure and had several small blogs go crazy over his beachy lofi tune, “Fine by me”. 2019 he released his first serious track, “Youthful Stranger” which has amassed almost 25,000 plays on Spotify in only a months time. It was on Hype Machines latest playlist as well as The Modern Rock playlist on Spotify. In addition, “Youthful Stranger” can be found on a few popular Youtube channels such as Good Drugs Subs, Evergreen, and I’m Not Human at At All. Since LOUD HOUND is sitting on quite a few tracks and an extremely special music video this month Tommy has been primarily focusing on building relationships with various Youtubers, bloggers, and other internet influencers in the Indie community on Instagram.

Since in 2019 an artist has to be their own manager, public relations manager, and marketing team Tommy understands the importance of doing things yourself so he has been connecting with various people to help push his music but also to inevitably help out all of his internet musician friends who he has grown to be very close with. LOUD HOUND’s next single, “High in the Bathroom” will be premiered on “I Am Cyborg But That’s Ok” Youtube Channel on Friday March 15th who has 500,000 subscribers on her channel.  In addition, all of the other Youtubers mentioned above will be featuring the track. At the end of the day Tommy aka LOUD HOUND looks at this project as the beginning of something greater then just his music. Since he does not have a band his sole focus is driving traffic, engagement, and building a recognized brand on the internet under the name LOUD HOUND... but also to continue making music.


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