KATZ: “Dumb Songs” EP


Manchester-based lo-fi surf punk outfit KATZ- comprised of Ben Williams (vocals, guitar), James Bradbury (lead guitar), Archie Wilkinson (drums)-releases their debut six-track EP ‘Dumb Songs’, available on all major platforms. The EP was entirely recorded on an original Tascam Portastudio 244 four track cassette recorder, all in the name of Lo-fi bliss.

The third song on the ‘Dumb Songs’, “Feed Me Seymour”, employs cinematic inspiration from the bloodthirsty plant in the classic 80’s Broadway musical and film adaptation, Little Shop of Horrors. (Listen to “Feed Me Seymour” here). The EP overall is an ode to youth packed with reverb, ear catching melodies, and driving rhythms that will make you want to move. 

listen to “dumb songs” below:

“[The EP] was inspired by how much we have grown over the past year, moving away from home, and figuring out our place in the world,” shares frontman Ben Williams. “We are so confident and proud of these songs, we went to record them in my garage, the whole process only took three days.” 

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Ben Williams and James Bradbury, longtime friends, started writing music together in Ben’s university dorm. Exploring their shared love of four track cassette recorders, they began KATZ, later meeting their drummer, Archie Wilkinson. Gigging regularly around Manchester, KATZ have supported acts like The Cosmics and Conflare. They are inspired by visionary DIY artists like Surf Curse and Mac DeMarco and fifties surf music like the Beach Boys and The Shadows. In a truly DIY fashion, they write, record, mix, and master all their songs themselves.

UK Gig Schedule 

2 Oct- Peer Hat (Manchester) 

3 Oct- Zanzibar (Liverpool) 

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