words by ava butera


Unconventional Chicago duo, Grapetooth, silently appeared on to the city’s familial-like music scene last fall when they released their debut single, “Trouble” -- a song that although it repeats the same few words, still possesses a fun quality about it. The duo is comprised of Chicago-based producer, Chris Bailoni often known as Home-Sick and Twin Peaks lead singer, Clay Frankel. Despite Grapetooth seeming like Frankel’s side project, it’s in fact much more --or less-- than that, but instead just two guys creating cool material.

A few months later, the guys released their second track as Grapetooth, “Violent.” This one is my personal favorite mainly due to its new-wave leaning sound. Not to mention how insanely creative the music video for this song is, despite the low-budget, which although is more obvious in this video, is shown in all of the band’s videos released thus far. Whether this is a literal ‘low-budget’ decision due to money or simply an artistic move, the vibe given off in each has become strongly associated with Grapetooth’s aesthetic.

The latest track from the band, “Red Wine,” is sonically different than the other two songs previously released. More emotion is shown within the depths of this song, something listeners have not had the chance to experience from Grapetooth.

Grapetooth is set to release their debut, self-titled record this fall on November 8th and will be playing an obligatory show to celebrate the release of the album at Chicago’s, Thalia Hall, in their hometown on November 11th.

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