Fish House 

Photo by Carter Howe

Photo by Carter Howe



Fish House is a cruise ship jam band out of Boston, Massachusetts, where the group of childhood friends continue to stumble through life’s trials together. The trio first began playing music in early grade school, and recently relocated to the Bean to take things a bit more seriously (but not too seriously). 

Jake Benavidez: Guitar, Bass

Kyle Torr-Brown: Drums

Adam Jacey: Guitar, bass

(they all take a whack at singing).

Cover art by Fish House's drummer, Kyle Torr-Brown

Cover art by Fish House's drummer, Kyle Torr-Brown

Fish House has recently released their 2nd single, "In Character".

“In Character” is a rather lighthearted tune, though its lyrics chronicle a trying period of self-reflection after dropping out of school. It’s easy for one to lose his sense of purpose and settle into new lows that at times feel permanent. In such a state, identity is no longer a given, but an unclear and distant goal. This song is about overcoming the anxieties that surface in times of self-doubt and learning how to channel that energy into positive steps forward. "I can see the time and the place where all my missteps set a path for me."


Fish House is taking over our Instagram on Saturday, April 14th. Tune in to @honeypunchmag to catch the takeover!

 Take a listen to "In Character" below + keep up with the guys.