Fish House:

Burns from the Rope EP 

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Fish House is back again, and this time around, they've come bearing their debut EP Burns from the Rope. 

Incase you missed their takeover on our Instagram recently, the band hails from Boston, MA and is made up of 3 pals: Jake Benavidez, Adam Jacey, and Kyle Torr-Brown. 

Get to know the guys, stream Burns from the Rope + read a bit about the EP below! 


Fish House is a cruise ship jam band; a trio of childhood friends that you’ve never heard of; rock, r&b, a dash of lime and a healthy pour of plastic bottle vodka. Their EP, Burns From the Rope, is a recount of and reckoning with a perpetual climb, the tug of war that is love, a hedonic treadmill. Simple things.

The group’s debut EP finds them attempting to make sense of the whirlwind in their lives and beyond, if for nothing other than their own peace of mind. It all started in their elementary school lunch line when Jake Benavidez (guitar, bass, vocals), Kyle Torr-Brown (drums, vocals) and Adam Jacey (guitar, bass, vocals) mused of being in a band together. Fast- forward through a decade and some change of several misguided projects, and the Mystic, Connecticut natives find themselves sharing an apartment in Boston, keeping their chocolate milk reveries alive.

For the past two years, Fish House has played the songs of Burns From the Rope live, reshaping them considerably throughout the process. All members take on a vocal role, both literally and in terms of the band’s artistic direction. While each has a distinct approach to songwriting and vocal delivery, a listen through the EP reveals a greater consistency that is the unique sound of life-long confidants.

The majority of the songs reference an upward climb and serve as critiques to the overarching theme of the record.

Climber chronicles an unrequited love in which the narrator can’t quite reach the tip of the mountain, while Fun Run advises the escape of such a predicament:
“The life of lovers is a slippery slope / it’s just long falls, butterflies and burns from the rope / climb away”

Similarly, Perfect Moments describes a hedonic treadmill on which one can be so easily trapped:
“I keep on climbing, but I ain’t getting any higher / I keep on burning, but feel no warmth from the fire”

The EP’s title was decided upon over a year ago. The cover art is a picture of Jacey’s uncle from the 1990s that he found while looking through an old photobook after his funeral in April, 2018. When he found it purposely placed upside-down on its page, the imagery had a profound effect on him. “I hadn’t thought to make it the cover until I was listening back to “Perfect Moments” for the first time since the funeral... I was awestruck by how telling it was of my uncle’s situation... not to mention how beautifully the picture expanded upon our EP’s title.” - Adam Jacey

Burns from the Rope is dedicated to the memory of Chris Sarafin, a man that packed several lifetimes of adventure into one, and viewed the world differently.

Photos by Carter Howe

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