Fickle Friends: 

"Hard To Be Myself"


PHOTO // Daniel Alexander Harris

PHOTO // Daniel Alexander Harris


"Fun synth beats, bitchin' bass, catchy lyrics and dazzling vocals."- Paste

"A sparkling slab of indie-pop" - Noisey

 "Disco-tinged" - Pitchfork

"Radiates positive energy from its meticulous harmonies and spiraling guitar riffs" – Billboard


Fickle Friends have released “Hard To Be Myself” – their boldest, brightest and most notable single to date!


October, 12 // A dizzily climaxing rollercoaster of tantalizing hooks, “Hard To Be Myself,” co-produced by Mike Spencer is an anthem for an over-stimulated generation. Front woman of Fickle Friends Natti Shiner said of the single, “’Hard To Be Myself’ is a song about social awkwardness and anxiety. It is about wanting to be someone else so desperately and dreaming you were the life of the party. It's the idea that a certain person can kind of loosen your senses and lower your inhibitions just like drinking alcohol.”


The new track is an unflinching declaration of intent toward their goals of an unwaveringly successful 2018. Like previous singles "Brooklyn," "Swim," "Hello Hello," “Glue” and "Cry Baby," which have gathered a collective 28 million streams on Spotify and flourished with Pitchfork, Nylon, Paste, Noisey and Stereogum lending praise, "Hard To Be Myself" capsulizes what Billboard has described as the band's "positive energy from its meticulous harmonies and spiraling guitar riffs."