Dreamer Boy:

“Falling For The Wrong One” Music Video

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Filmed in one take thirty minutes before soundcheck for a performance with The Marias at renowned venue Pappy & Harriet’s, a hand-held camera finds the artist in repose near a lone Joshua Tree as the deep, dusk glows with intoxicating purple hues. As Zach’s doo-wop falsetto weaves around a laidback drum machine alongside roommate/producer Bobby Knepper and friends, the circle bounces to the beat with cowboy hats that won’t stay on to a melody that marries soothing vocal harmonies with the experimental pop production. It’s an enchanting sunset serenade, full of fun and spontaneity.

WAtch the video + get to know Dreamer Boy below:

Nashville’s Dreamer Boy has us wrapped around his finger with dreamy beats and gentle lyrics inspired by love, adventure, and life’s simple pleasures. Also known as Zach Taylor, his frequent collaborators Bobby Knepper, Adam Alonzo, and Cody Clark provide an amalgamation of ambient beats, droney R&B lyrics, and Southern Charm fused in strangely perfect harmony. Delivering their own unique style of music that could be most notably described as “Cowboy Pop,” Dreamer's Boy debut album is brilliant and forward-thinking.

Zach and roommate/producer Bobby Knepper collaborated on their debut project “Love, Nostalgia”, which was released in November 2018. What started as a passion project has transpired into an artistically synergistic venture. Creating breathtakingly beautiful music out of their Nashville based compound “The Dream House,” they have made notable appearances at events such as SXSW 2019 and opened for acts like Omar Apollo, Still Woozy and The Marias. 

Their ambient style of dream pop and smooth vocals bears undeniable roots from the contemporary deities Frank Ocean and Blood Orange. Drawing influences from legendary pop-rock icons such as Michael Jackson, David Bowie, James Taylor and modern-day rockers Tame Impala, tracks like, “Simple,” will have you filled with nostalgia and longing for the golden days of daisy chains and freedom. Zach’s music is reflective of his general outlook on life: easy going, imaginative and hopeful. Zach powerfully declares, “Trust yourself, be yourself, be honest. Don’t worry so much and give it up to the process and enjoy what you do.”


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