Motion Cntrl

words by Stephanie Estrada

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First of all, I love the new music video for "In the Dream!" This video definitely brings nostalgia back into my memories.  What was the writing process for this song?

In the Dream was the first song we did for this ep.  We’ve been trying to push our sound and this felt like the right direction.  We rented a small studio from a friend and holed ourselves up and just started writing.  The melody and lyrics start first and then, before we go too far, we start to refine the song by really discussing the emerging message and hone in on it. For In The Dream, we realized we were talking about living with the unknown by having faith. Even if those leaps of faith end in failure, you can find satisfaction knowing that you tried.

What inspired the creation of Motion Cntrl and what is the usual writing process for both of you? 

We started working together because we had similar taste in music and when we began writing, our creative process seemed to flow pretty well.  It just felt natural. Luke usually plays the start of a song and I start creating the melody.  From there we discuss what the song is about and work on the music and lyrics together. It's truly a collaboration.

Would you consider Motion Cntrl synth pop duo? What are some of your music inspirations?

Synth pop duo is a good description.  We have so many influences it can be tough to say but synths are always used.  Some of our favorite artists are Radiohead, Brian Ferry, Fleetwood Mac, Prince,  Joy Division , David Bowie.  and the list goes on..

Some of your songs from your self-titled EP have appeared in The Infiltrator, iZombie, and Unforgettable! How was that experience? I remember watching iZombie and hearing "It’s On You" on season 3 and it’s an amazing track.

Thanks!  To be honest,  it feels pretty amazing to start a project in your apartment, get an opportunity to work in a better studio, and then, it sounds cheesy, but to hear it on the big screen. The fact that people want to use our music in it their visual works of art is such a cool honor. Plus, it allows us to hear our music without the boundaries of our own context.

Any tour plans in the future for Motion Cntrl?

At the moment, we’re focusing on releasing two new eps, but definitely plan on playing shows in the future. Luke just had a baby, which just makes the inspiration surrounding our creative process even more dynamic. 

Has living in Los Angeles influenced your music? What’s your favorite place in Los Angeles? 

Living in Los Angeles has definitely influenced our music.  Living here you’re able to see so much talent. While it makes some artists suffer from self-doubt or envy, we find it incredibly inspiring and motivating.  Our favorite place in LA is wherever the good company or music is that night. In this city, you can really surround yourself with people on the same path; it's an amazing support system.