Emma Watts

  Co- Founder of Honey Punch | Photographer 

Hey y'all, thought I'd let you in on the  backstory of how I got started with concert photography and other stuff about me. 

When I was a junior in high school  I took a college photography course for half of my school day, and that’s where I made the connection that I could be combining my two favorite things: photography and concerts. I smuggled a school camera into a One Direction concert that fall (heck yeah), snapped some photos from my seat, and fell in love with the outcome. Ever since then, live music photography has been my main focus. I love being able to share what I get to see up front with fans of music just like me. When I’m on assignment shooting a show, I still get that same rush of excitement I get when I’m the crowd. Not to be dramatic, buuut it’s changed my life. I’ve been able to make connections with amazing groups of people and have had experiences I’ll always remember.  I plan on pursuing this for as long as I can in my life. OK, now here’s a little more about me. I’m obsessed with old photos and yearbooks, there are stacks on stacks of them in my room. I love making playlists. I like pairing together songs that give off similar feelings, then having the songs played in a certain order so it flows well. I love finding new bands to listen to and watching them grow. One of my favorite things ever is seeing smiling faces in crowds. Bunnies are my weakness, growing up having them as pets was/is the best. Some of my ride or die bands + artists (besides One Direction, they’re default) are Half Moon Run, Cage The Elephant, Twin Peaks, The 1975, Tom Odell, COIN, and Walk The Moon. 

If you want to check out my personal photography site full of concert galleries, you can here!

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