Words by Erika Garcia

Back at the Mainland.

    We had the chance to hang out with Jordan Topf (vocals), Corey Mullee (guitar), and Alex Pitta (bass) from the band Mainland in San Diego, CA while they were on tour with The Score. We met before their gig at the famous Soda Bar after beating all odds against traffic coming from their previous presentation in Phoenix, AZ.

Each member has had numerous of adventures in music. From learning since an early age and playing through high school or just by being inspired to find a guitar while on vacation, it wasn't until Jordan and Corey were in college in New York that they decided to form the band, whose name comes from what Jordan’s mom mentioned once, of how she used to miss the Mainland while being in Hawaii.

They talked about their songs and how each song is different. While on songwriting mode they work with different producers to create that Mainland sound. Its all about sharing whats inside from their experiences to what they are feeling “If you're sad it's sad, if it's cheesy you don’t put it out there, but it's out of your system.” said Topf. Getting inspiration from being on the road and from their crazy adventures its what makes them special. After all, that's what music is all about, to share and to enjoy everything that goes on in life. `

The band recently released their single ‘I Found God’ with an emotional music video featuring real couples. This is only the beginning for what Mainland has in store for us next year. We’ll be expecting them on the road with their upcoming album.

Most likely to...

Laugh at the wrong time:  Jordan

Have weird phobias:  Alex (needles, spiders and germs)

Have an embarrassing tattoo:  Alex

Wear a shirt inside out: Jordan and Corey

Be a stand up comedian: Jordan

Get arrested for walking naked down the street: Alex

instagram/twitter: @mainlandnyc