Mad Hawkes


words by Ava Butera

photo by Caleb Adams

photo by Caleb Adams

Think K. Flay, but 10 times groovier. Up and coming artist, Mad Hawkes is sprawling onto the alternative music scene with edge dripping from her effortlessly cool track “Fantasy.” This song is guaranteed to make you dance around and become a huge fan. Get ready, because 2018 is definitely going to be her year. We had the chance to interview Mad Hawkes and get to know her a little better.

What artists/albums have you been listening to lately? What music do you listen to in the studio?

I’ve been listening K.Flay quite a bit, that girl has got a rad voice and some super cool songs. Also Sleigh Bells, they have an interesting sound that really demands your attention. It’s fun referencing different types of music in the studio. Helps inspire the good shit. 


Going along with the same thing, who are some of your musical influences and how have the impacted your style?

Amy Winehouse has been a big one for me. Her voice and songwriting carry so much truth, its really inspired me to create raw and honest music. Missy Elliot is a BEAST. What a badass. Without realizing it as a kid, she showed me how to not give a fuck. Her music videos are so bizarre and awesome; they made me feel like its okay to be weird and without boundaries. 


How do you stay unique and true to your own style in a music genre filled with tons of female artists?

I think as long as you maintain your individuality you will always be unique. That goes for any department in life, not just music. Once you’ve got the confidence and security to be who you are no one can create your ideas, copy you or taint your originality. 

What inspires you to write music? A certain place or thing?

Hmm. I’m usually pissed about something when I write a song. That seems to be the only constant. Ha. Anger or hurt. I write to cope with things in my life, with the hope that it might help others through their battles as well. To me, that’s the value of music, to provoke thought and feeling and bring awareness to our dynamic human condition. 


What personal attributes do you think are the most beneficial to being successful in the music scene?

Persistence. Being what some might call ‘delusional’ about your future plans and goals. An intense amount of drive is definitely required. It’s really hard. And accepting the fact that it will never be easy is key. You really have to be fearless if you want to be successful.

Check out Mad Hawkes' new single, "Fantasy"