Love You Later


interview by Ava Butera

Lexi Aviles, also commonly known by the pseudonym, Love You Later, is an up-and-coming indie artist who’s bound to become ultimately huge. Her sincere songwriting and ability to do everything in the studio by herself, truly shows how dedicated she is to her craft. Though she’s only performed a few times under the name Love You Later and released three songs, Aviles is eager to share more music with fans as well as new listeners and cannot wait to grow in the music scene.


I was looking through some of your playlists on Spotify and I see that you include artists such as Bleachers, Grimes, and Turnover. Those artists are so different! Do you seek inspiration from any of those artists? Which bands and musicians do you seek inspo from the most?

Yes, I absolutely LOVE those artists - out of the ones you mentioned, I would say I definitely seek inspiration from Bleachers the most. I think Jack Antonoff is beyond brilliant in his musical style. Every song makes me feel like I’m inside of an 80’s movie, it’s so captivating. I also seek inspiration from other artists such as The Japanese House, Julien Baker, LANY, and Fleetwood Mac. I’m constantly inspired by the Japanese House’s ability to be drastically different from anything I’ve ever heard before. Julien Baker is so poetic in her lyrics and passionate in every word she sings - she inspires me to be a better songwriter and be vulnerable and 100% transparent because that’s when people relate. LANY is just overall good vibes - I’ve been a fan of them for a while. They have a song for every thing I’ve ever felt about love and it’s just all so relatable.  And even though the composition aspect is extremely simple, it’s brilliant in it’s own way and catchy and just everything is good about it. I can proudly say I’ve cried, smiled, danced, all at once to LANY. That’s how I want to be as an artist. Lastly, Fleetwood Mac lives in my heart forever. Stevie Nicks is a goddess in my opinion and her voice is so unique and compelling. Whenever I feel like I just want to dance, my go to songs are ‘Everywhere’ or ‘Gypsy’ by Fleetwood Mac.

I genuinely want to relate to all of these bands in the way that they all collectively make people feel things in their music. That to me, is the most important thing I always strive for when writing my music. 

What artists have you been listening to lately? Favorite album at the moment?

These past few months, I’ve been bumping some LANY, Rex Orange County, Beach Fossils, Halfnoise, Michael Rault, Tame Impala, Foster The People, Twin Peaks, Daniel Caesar, Alvvays, Hippo Campus, Khalid, Gus Dapperton (met him at SXSW and he was the coolest human), and finally my two guilty pleasures that will always remain near to my heart - Drake and Post Malone. They just have brilliant melodies and I can’t help but dance obnoxiously to every song. Favorite album would have to be Gone Now by Bleachers - it’s so cinematic and I get chills at least once every song.

I see that you’re from Los Angeles! How has the indie music scene of Los Angeles influenced your sound, since LA is not really a ‘music city’ like NYC or Chicago?

I don’t think I necessarily have to be living in a so-called ‘music city’ in order to be inspired - although, I lived in Nashville for some time and absolutely fell in love with that city. I think just being in a big city, and simultaneously living close to the ocean constantly brings me so much inspiration. I really could never take this place for granted. I do miss being able to run into musicians on the street and writing music with a new person everyday while living in Nashville, but I think while in LA, it’s been cool to really channel my emotions and get personal with my music - sometimes it’s scary to do that with fellow musicians around.

I think it’s awesome how you’ve been self-producing, promoting, writing, and recording music all on your own! How has that whole process been? Hey thank you! Yeah the process has been pretty wild I must say. I just started recording voice memos in my room or while driving to school or work. Then after I was totally stoked about something, I’d show it to my friend Jordie and we’d record it and do everything right out of his garage. Jordie is the one who produces my stuff and makes everything sound all nice. He really is truly brilliant and we really do mesh well - it’s hard to find someone like that. Studios are cool and I do hope to work in one someday, but for now this surely does the trick. Life hack, haha.

Okay, I would also like to add that you’re only 19 years old!! Where did the motivation come from to pursue music so early in your life? Most people your age are attending college! I’ve always had an unusual drive to create - I would basically drop anything for a chance to make music. My mom always believed in me and told me to tackle what you’re truly passionate about so that was a huge motivation. But ever since I was little there’s been passion for music stirring inside me.

What made you want to pursue music as opposed to furthering your education?  I went to college for a few months, but soon after, realized I could be playing shows, writing music, and just kept wanting to put way more energy into music than I had time for. And it was actually perfect timing because right when I dropped out, I was asked to play at SXSW, which was one of the most memorable and inspiring experience thus far in my music career. I love that music is my job and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Do you have any advice for small indie artists that want to kick start a career in the scene, like you did? Do your own thing, don’t try and be someone else, and don't compare yourself to other artists. If you genuinely love what you’re making, someone will too. And it’s only up from there.

Since it’s so difficult nowadays to find success in the indie scene, was there any point in the beginning of your career that you felt like giving up? I’ve felt like giving up many times while Love You Later was still pretty fresh. When I released my first single, ‘Lost In Los Angeles,’ it wasn’t really getting as much traction as I hoped so I questioned if it was even good. But about 5 months after releasing it, Spotify put it on Discovery Weekly and the week after that, it made the Viral 50 charts in US and Canada. And that was really unexpected but that’s what pushed me to really keep going. It really just takes the right person at the right time.

You have super cool style, it’s SO aesthetically pleasing! Could you describe your style in three words or less?

Wow, I’m flattered. I think clothing is such an interesting way to express yourself so I try and come up outfits that represent me. I loveeeeeee bright, solid colors - red especially. I just think I’m a ‘colorful,' lively person and I don’t like to be boring or dull. Life is too exciting. I’d describe my style as: Bright, Colorful and Loud.

I saw that you played SXSW, how was that? I’ve never been, but it seems stressful (because of the amount of shows) yet super fun! How does that work out?

Yep, well there’s always good and bad to touring. No home cooked meals or sleeping in your own bed. There were times where it was stressful, but it was 100% worth it. We played some shows which were the most stressful days, but luckily had some days to just chill out and watch other bands while we were there. It was such a crazy experience because I got to see some artists I have been listening to for the past year. Some of which I can call my friends now and it’s just really cool to be able to say that. I’m super thankful for SXSW and being able to be apart of it. There’s always good and bad to touring but the good definitely always outweighs the bad. Oh, but we blew a tire on the way home haha - but at least it wasn’t on the way there.

What should we expect from you in the upcoming year?  

I’m releasing my debut EP very, very soon. I can’t tell you the date yet, but it will be sometime in May. I’m really excited about that. I’ll also be playing some shows this summer and a few before that - hopefully going outside of California for some shows. I want to be on the road a lot more and release as much music as I can. Super stoked about the future and I hope you stick around for the EP!!! However, the first single from the EP titled, ‘Jokes On You’ is out! Be sure to check it out. Thank you :)