words by Victoria Taglione 

 You can't escape this band even if you tried. They're one of Rolling Stone's top 10 artists you need to know, Spotify's most streamed artist of 2016, and most likely ALL over your twitter feed. With three EP's already under their belt, this three-piece indie-pop band is emerging into fame with the debut of their very anticipated self-titled album (finally!!). 

Seconds into the album, you hear calming rain drops that smoothly transform into an electronic masterpiece with lyrics every LANY fan already had glued in their brain, which is "Dumb Stuff" (one of my favorites!!).  Later on in the album, you're introduced to tracks such as "Overtime" and "Flowers on the Floor", which are filled with romantic and personal lyrics by the one and only, Paul Jason Klein. Taking a little break mid-album, the voicemail recording in the track "Parents" is from Jake's mom praising about his tattoo, which is the sweetest thing ever (they played this voicemail before ILYSB in their shows).  "Hericane" and "13" bring a similar vibe to LANY's overall sound, with Les on the keyboard, Jake controlling the drums, and Paul's smooth vocals overflowing the tracks.

Each song gives you a new emotion, mood, and vibe, which Paul calls "the breakdown before the breakup". Being a fan of these guys for over a year and seeing them live a few times (not being biased), this album completely pulls through in everything I was hoping for. I can't wait for the future memories to be made soundtracked to this album (ok now I'm being biased). 

You're gonna wanna experience this album live, so check out all their tour dates (worldwide!) here, thisislany.com/tour.



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