LANY's tour has kicked off, and one of our favorite parts of tour is knowing how many beautiful things happen each show! We live for the genuine stories that are created when fans come together to support a band they love. We've always had a special place in our hearts for the lovers of LANY so we wanted to do something to celebrate that! We are putting together a diary by the fans, for the fans. 

 Throughout the next few months, we will update the diary with your disposable photos, videos/vlogs, fan projects, and stories that surround LANY and their current tour-and we want you to be a part of it!

Below are some suggestions of what to document throughout your show day:

Phone photos + videos:

Submit your favorite photos or videos from the show!

Disposable Camera:

-photo of tickets/wristbands 

-waiting in line for the show 

-if you traveled for the show, photo of you in the car/something creative to show you trekked there!

-photo of the venue/venue kiosk

-if you meet up with a mutual you have from twitter/instagram through LANY, get a pic of you two together!

(use flash during the show)

-the stage/setup

-if you’re front row/barricade, get a photo of everyone beside you

-LANY performing 

-you/your friends in the crowd watching them perform 

-if you snatched a setlist get a photo of that! 

-merch table or someone wearing merch

-if you meet the band after, snag a photo of/with them!!



-what venue and city you’re in

-if you traveled, how long did it take to get there?

-how many times have you seen them? 

-how did you find out about the band?

-you/your friends listening+dancing to a LANY song 

-show the line of fans waiting

-walking into venue (could be of yourself or what you’re seeing) 

-getting ticket scanned 

-if you meet up with a mutual you have from twitter/insta through the band, maybe a video of you explaining how you two met!

-the band coming onto the stage 

-you/your friends singing during the show 

-band performing 

-(last song) band finishing song and walking off stage 

-after the show, walking out of the venue 

*Don't feel the need to do all these videos. We want you to enjoy the show and not be glued to your phone/camera!

Stories to submit:


-fave song to hear live from the new album 

-did you meet up with any mutuals from twitter/insta  you have through LANY?

-what the energy felt like/how its different from other bands you’ve seen live

-anything that happens ONLY at a LANY show?

SNAPCHAT: We would love to have multiple fans from each city contribute to the diary, but we just need one fan (or group of friends) to run the HP Snapchat for the day! If you want to take that over, shoot us a DM on IG/Twitter and we will get you set up.

*for more ideas, take a look at our COIN Tour Diary!

sending your entry 

PHOTOS/DISPOSABLES: After your show, send us your phone photos / digital copies of your film to with the subject “LANY Tour Diary x (your city)”.  


VIDEOS: Upload your fave videos from the day to Dropbox or email, and send them to with your name + which show you attended. 


STORIES: Write as little or as much you want -we just want to hear about your experience! All stories can be sent to with the subject "LANY Tour Diary x (your city)".