LANY: Malibu Nights

review by Reese Gorman

Wow. If I had one word to describe LANY's new album, Malibu Nights, it would be wow. Thankfully I am allowed more than one word so let's dive in.


We knew what to expect from Malibu Nights since the release of “Thru These Tears” in June, but I never imagined it would be this deep. The majority of break up albums are mostly big middle fingers at their ex, but this one is different. Malibu Night shows the side of a breakup a lot of artists don't write about. Lead Singer Paul Klein pours himself into these lyrics and gives us such a deep look into what he was dealing with during this time. This album is just full of raw emotion.

Sparked by a break up with Dua Lipa in January of this year, Paul took a hiatus from social media for a couple months and spent that time writing. Not every song on this album is about Lipa, but their breakup did spark him to release all his emotions on to paper and write this beautiful work of art.

It is impossible to listen to this album and not want to cry. Starting with "Thick and Thin" which is basically portraying the breakup and his state right afterward, and then the progression through the album almost tells a story. To the point where, by the time you get through the album and make it to "Malibu Nights", last song on the album, you're so emotionally shook you don't know what to do with yourself.

"Taking Me Back" and "If You See Her" are both songs where he is crying out to the girl begging for her back. He opens himself up and becomes completely vulnerable and really says how he feels and lets the girl know he needs her back. When you get to "I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore," "Let Me Know," "Run" and "Valentine's Day" you really begin to notice the progression from the first three songs. Where it goes from him missing her and wanting her back, to now he's trying to get over her and is working at forgetting her. Obviously, from the songs, it is harder than he expects and in all three of these songs, he fails to get over her.

Which leads to a perfect transition into the final two songs, "Thru These Tears" and "Malibu Nights." It's here when, after all, is said and done, he's tried everything to get over her, and now the last thing to do is just be sad. Just accept that she's gone and to let himself be sad. Acknowledging that getting over a relationship doesn't happen overnight and it will take time.

This is a beautiful masterpiece and I couldn't ask for anything better. LANY outdid themselves this time, and I know music fans everywhere appreciate them for becoming vulnerable and putting their feelings and struggles out there for the world to see. We thank you.