Photo by Yael Malka

Photo by Yael Malka


words by Kyra Bruce

Isador is an artist to keep your eye on. He just released a self-directed music video to go with his debut track, “Falling” and it's incredible! “Falling” is a haunting and catchy anthem with deep bass and airy keys that you can dance to. The song makes a clear statement about the anxiety associated with feeling pressure to follow a strict life plan. The music video perfectly captures the lost feeling with eerie imagery and apparently invisible pulleys. Here is an interview with Isador about how the music video came together and what’s next for him! Be sure to check out his music video below.

I absolutely love your music video for Falling! Walk me through the process of directing your own music video? Was that difficult?

Thank you! Directing this video was incredibly intense emotionally and physically. It was easy to get totally enveloped in the process with the song being so close to me.

We did so many takes of those dragging scenes, it was hours a day for the first two days of shooting. We rigged up this padding system with multiple shirts and tape and sporting gear so I could be pulled without rocks digging in to me. I had to watch takes on the ground covered in mud and figure out direction because there wasn't really enough time to get up and reset. 

The most difficult thing was the last shot, we had 9 people in the forest, with an invisible pulley system set up around a tree deep in the woods. I was holding a camera with this sort of selfie stick thing and running out of the darkness of the forest into the sunrise. Our dp [Sam Cutler- Kreutz] was ready for a hand off, I kind of tossed the camera to him so he could do this circle around me, and then right before he completed the circle someone yelled for everyone to start pulling on the rope which was attached to this rock climbing vest I had on, I dropped to the ground and got dragged back into the woods. 


Have you done any other video production besides this video?

Growing up my brother and I made tons of weird short films and music videos. We'd come up with bizarre ideas and drag our friends around town to make them happen. "Falling" was the first thing we made together in like 6 years and I'm really happy we got to reunite for it.


What does the video symbolize to you?

For me the video is about growing up, feeling intense pressure to follow a life path that seems so set it stone, and trying to get out of that. In the video when I do escape, I don't know where to go. 


Did you have the video in mind while you were writing the song or did the video idea come after?

The video came after but it was really an extension of the song, I knew while I was writing Falling I wanted to make a film for it. 


Where does the name "Isador" come from?

It's my middle name.


What's next for you? What do you see in your future?

The next song that's coming out I'm very excited for, I worked on it with my friend Andrew Maury, also there's a video for that song we are working on that's maybe the craziest thing I've ever done. I guess my immediate future is getting back to working on the visual effects for that!

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