M. Rivers

words by Troy Davis

This week, we chatted with M. Rivers (who you probably know for his rockin' tunes with Redlight King). He's just released his FIRST solo record, Champion, which features some energetic tunes. Check out our lil' interview below, and listen to the album on Spotify!

M. Rivers Wall.jpg


Hey Mark! Thanks for your time! We’re so excited to chat with you. We’ve been listening to Champion, your new album, non-stop here at Honey Punch. How’s it feel to finally have your new record released, and to such major acclaim?! 

Thank you, it feels great, super proud of this one


Champion was produced by the AMAZING Jimmy Messer (Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, AWOLNATION). How did Jimmy’s experience with pop artists work to shape your album? 

Jimmy's a versatile producer, he's a great songwriter as well.  We experimented with different drum sounds and guitar and bass tones throughout the initial writing process and I would say that over a few months while I was writing and jamming out these songs we found my sound, something that was vibey and authentic. 


You’ve gone through quite the musical transformation since your last record, under the name Redlight King. What inspired this change, both musically and in stage name?

I'm always evolving as an artist and a human being, and sonically this is the type of record I've always wanted to make.  It's a solo record, so I wanted it to be just my name.  I chose Rivers because it's a strong name and it's a soulful name and I feel it suits the music.


Your music seems to be a blend of equal parts edge and emotion. Do you feel that resembles you as a person?

There is little daylight between myself and my music.


Can you talk a little about the writing of the song “Champion”? What inspired this track? 

I wanted a fun track on the record that wasn't heavy, danced and had a cool pocket.  Champion was the remedy.  Before I was a musician I was a fighter and I was recalling that voice in my head while training or before a match when I needed to psych myself up.