photo by Jess Jones Photography

photo by Jess Jones Photography

Lizzy Farrall

words by Nikita Satapathy


Fresh out of the UK music scene is none other than Lizzy Farrall. With her debut EP, “All I Said Was Never Heard”, Farrall takes her experiences with life, love, and heartbreak to create beautiful melodies that stay with the listener long after the song ends. Farrall combines an essence of indie pop with her dream-like voice and effervescent style, evident in her singles such as “Broken Toy” and “Better With”. Check out her interview below with Honey Punch Mag, her music videos, and her EP, releasing on January 5th! 

What is your primary source of inspiration for your music?

I have used my songwriting as a coping mechanism for expressing my feelings, all my lyrics are based on situations I have gone through in my life.  


What do you hope fans connect with in your lyrics and your music?

I hope people can connect to the meaning of my songs.


How did you get started in the music industry? Have you always been into singing and songwriting?

I’ve been singing and songwriting since I can remember it’s always been a huge passion of mine.


What are you excited for most in the new year?

I am very excited to go on tour with Seaway and Woes in January and to see what else the rest of the year has to offer for me. 


Is there a particular track from All I Said Was Never Heard that you particularly love?

I love the instermention in Hollow Friends. I think it stands out a lot and who doesn't love a trumpet?


What is the best part about performing?

I have to say it’s probably the adrenaline rush you have coming off stage after a really good show, It’s that pinpoint moment when you just want to rush back on stage and do it all over again.


I love the aesthetic in your music videos! Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I like every music video to fit the feel of the song, for example When I wrote Broken Toy I was feeling very empty and naive, So me and Josh Halling came up with shooting the video on the outskirts of Snowdonia which gave a very empty and still backdrop to the video, also I chose to wear and a white dress to give that naive look.




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